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christianity and taoism?

does anyone think that taoism (philosophical taoism as taught by lao tse and chuang tse) could be compatible with christianity?


  1. yes and no….yes because it teaches harmony with nature…Christianity-one with God or night and day etc….no because it talks in dualism-two sides to the same coin being one….there is not two Gods…

  2. Philosophical Taoism, **MAYBE!!**
    Religious Taoism, definitely not!!
    Reason why: Christianity is monotheistic(One God), & Taoism is polytheistic(numerous deities).

  3. You’d have to compromise. The Tao-Te Ching has a lot to say which disagrees with the Bible, especially concerning passiveness and (sometimes) violence.

  4. You must realize that any religion or philosophy, they teach man
    has an evil nature, but they follow the same methodology that man can change himself by trying to do good to reach a higher level
    consciousness an outward perfection.
    Man’s sin nature cannot be changed, God knew that, all flesh is sin, and the only thing that can be done with the flesh is to put it to death. Christ died on the cross as our substitute, His flesh was nailed to the cross, because the flesh is hopeless it is and will forever be corrupt to the uttermost.
    That is why man must born anew to receive a new life God;s life. When Christ was crucified all of mankind was represented. The hands had to be nailed to the cross because they love to sin, the feet had to be nailed to the cross because they love to sin, The head was pierced with crown of thorns because the mind loves to sin, the body was pierced because the body loves to sin, blood flowed out of all Christ’s wounds because only His blood can wash away our sins, and only by receiving Christ as our savior can he receive a new life God’s life, which qualifies man to enter the kingdom of God.
    Man trying to change or perfect himself is like putting a suit on a monkey he may be dressed like a man but he could never enter the human kingdom because it does not have the human life.
    Same with man he cannot enter the kingdom of God by looking like he is righteous man needs God’s life which is the only righteous life. Man needs God’ life this is God’s ordained way for man’s salvation Amen

  5. Not to be nasty or anything but before I answer the question let me say something to marshal, who answered earlier:
    THE TAOIST CONCEPT OF DUALISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LITERALLY HAVING TWO OF EVERYTHING!!! It is merely about seemingly-opposite qualities existing within things! Saying that combining Taoist philosophy with Christianity would entail having two Gods is an insult to the Chinese who happen to have developed more than one philosophy which is highly compatible with Christianity.
    Real dualism *already* exists in Judeo-Christian religion: “The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away.” The same God who can give life can take it! The same God who can heal can strike you down with illness! The same God that was surrounded by dark clouds in the Old Testament was literally radiant in the form of Christ during the transfiguration! The same God who called the Jews the apple of His eye has punished them time and time again with a fury that would make Hitler blush! The same God that gives salvation to non-Jews and makes them part of His family can just as easily cut you off if you so much as think the wrong way for even a nanosecond longer than He’s willing to put up with!
    Even Satan is not totally one-dimensional! In the book of Job, the same being who is supposedly more disobedient than any other in existence, and who is a notorious liar, was still able to go to God when called, and give an honest answer about what he’d been up to.
    “Wise” Solomon was in his later years a corrupt fool and a pervert. What was it again? 300 wives and 700 concubines or something insane like that.
    The perfect creation became a most imperfect one (yet beneath our layers of filthy sins lies the untapped power of the goodness of being a creation made by God)…..
    Duality is a fact of life. Get used to it.
    Now — to the question:
    Yes, the two are a perfect fit. 🙂
    But if you want a Chinese philosophy that is even more compatible with Christianity, I would suggest Moism (sometimes spelt Mohism). It’s pretty much dead now. But it’s very much ahead of its time! Mozi was a guy who taught stuff about loving your neighbour in a way that was eerily Christ-like a good 3 – 4 centuries before Christ was even on Earth! Even more unusual, the evidence STRONGLY suggests he was a serious monotheist whose concept of God (in terms of personality, temperament, etc) was remarkably similar to the Judeo-Christian one. It’s almost freaky.


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