christianity and Shamanism?

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I’ve been exploring a lot of new age stuff, yoga, meditating, auras, and i want to explore Shamanism i dont really know too much about it yet but i am trying to figure out if it is a non christian thing or would be considered a sin

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it is a non christian thing and it will open doors to demonic oppression.


Christian means “Christ like” Anything that distracts from Christ, is not Christian. Is it a sin? If we deny Christ to the world, then he will deny us in front of the father.


definitely non christian
shamanism and magic: My will be done
chrstianity: Thy will be done
perhaps ou are spiritually hungry and need something more
perhaps you need some depth… something more… try some good mature chrstian web sites


It is not of a christian nature, but it is up to you to learn and explore to see what is right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you what is right for you. Only you know what is right for you!

william r

All new age stuff, yoga, meditation, auras, etc. are incompatible with Christ.


__No Born Again Christian should mess with such. This is evil, and work of the devil. You are opening up for demons to enter in. I warn you, Please stay away from this practice. Read Deuteronomy 18: 9-15 for more about this. Keep your Faith, and Trust in Jesus. He is the one we should seek. Not Satan.


Shamanism predates religion so obviously it is non-Christian. There are, however, several shamanic references in the bible; indeed certain shamanic precepts have been incorporated into all religions. The shaman is a technician of the sacred – the original priest – and the shamanic world is the foundation for the revealed religions. I believe a Christian may learn about shamanism without consequence but a shaman can not learn about Christianity without losing something holy.


It is non-christian. It was a practice of Native Americans. It is not evil and will not harm you. It is best done without the drugs used by the shamans though. It is basically a deep meditation that will show your inner thoughts and dreams. Also your guardians. It is very nice to know that something or someone is watching over you and keeping you safe.


You can always do a search on Core Shamanism. But it is considered “sin” by mainstream Christianity, though mostly because they have no idea what it is.


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