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Christian mystics/gnostic Christians/Christian esotericists… out there?

Hello everyone, a new Christian mystic/Gnostic Christian Universalist here. I was a spiritually dead Roman Catholic until my spiritual ecstasy/Baptism of the Holy Spirit/Bridal Chamber/rapture (whatever you want to call it – all the same experience, same as Kundalini in Hinduism, Enlightenment in Buddhism) experience on March 13 where I united directly with God through Jesus Christ and He now dwells within me. This is the same experience that Catholic saints have gone through, the spiritual marriage of Jesus Christ uniting with His spiritual church. Now I see there are NO contradictions between God and Science or Creation and Evolution.
Any others out there? We’re a small lot but growing I know! Just wondering how prevalent we are in the Yahoo community???


  1. So, you’ve actually physically united directly with God through Jesus? And it took such an experience to figure out that there are no contradictions between God and Science or creation and evolution? Jesus dwells in me, as well, though I haven’t had such an experience and sincerely doubt you’ve had one either and I’ve known that there was no contradiction among those things all along.

  2. Good for you. Ditto here. For me it was an overpowering realization that God Exists. For months, every time I reflected on this realization, I involuntarily jumped out of my seat tingling with excitement and joy. The top of my head tingled with the realization but my intellect demanded to know what it was that caused such joy. So I began a long search for the truth. Books fell into my hands from I know not where (it was a long time before the internet) and I devoured the wisdom in seemingly endless delight.
    But dryness, confusion and dissapation began to plague me and years and years of disaster in my personal and spiritual life followed. Now I believe that the intellectual pursuit of God (names and creeds) while perhaps necessary and certainly delightful, is ultimately inadequate. The main thing to be gained by the pursuit is the eventual realization that it misses the point. God just Is. We are God’s children, the great light seen on discovery is clouded by speculation, and the light seen within – the light of God – is within and is also our own light by right of inheritance and by God’s desire. What is love? If you can define it then it is material love. Spiritual love will not bear analysis and will not allow definition
    Be a gnostic. You have no choice in the matter now because you have been chosen either because of your spiritual maturity or because of Love’s response to your deep and desperate need (mine the latter). Don’t argue with those who haven’t yet realized. It is fruitless. It is not ‘secret’ knowledge but in plain sight to all when the veils of mortal necessity are opened for a moment of clarity and piercing joy and utter certainty, either by good teachers and effort or simply in answer to a cry from a soul immersed in darkness and despair.
    Welcome friend. Let God become your heart. Write back.

  3. What an exiting thing to venture onto this blog and find your post. How elated I am at your finding God in this way. Though I must say the posts following were a bit disappointing as you are so excited and those few really were a … well buzz kill. :o) I’m thrilled and would like to hear more about your journey. Congratulations! Anna


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