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Christian Mystics' views on Rapture (full answer, please, not simply "yes" or "no")?

I was reading The Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna the other day and I was intrigued by his use of the word “rapture” to describe the spiritual ecstasy or “the flight of the spirit” which many of the deepest practitioners of christian meditation have experienced.
As I searched online today, apparently many others agree with his viewpoint and use of the word rapture – including Thomas (the apostle i assume) and Teresa of Avila.
Is it possible that what is described in Revelation is a coming spiritual awakening the like of which the world has never seen, whereby all true christians (not the ones who merely label themselves so but don’t act like it) will simultaneously experience what has been called “enlightenment” in other traditions?


  1. Yes, I believe that is the case. I believe Revelations was about the “battle” going on in side each of us to discover our true selves which is divine in nature, a part of God if you will.
    The literary style of Revelations is apocalyptic, which means “a revealing”.
    When interpreted literally, it can scare the beejezus out of people and cause them to become irrational.
    God is both male and female without being either. His male part was Christ, his female Sophia… 2 points of the triangle forming the apex which is God. For so long the patriachial church has suppressed the divine feminine part of this trinity.
    It is the realization of the feminine that I believe will bring about the awakining when she reveals herself at last.

  2. Although the word rapture is not in the bible it is a commonly used word in Christian literature. I think you are right I think that the true Christians will go to heaven and it will be wonderful. I think it will be better than enlightenment.

  3. It’s way more than just enlightenment. The true Christians will disappear from the earth along with every Baby and child below that age of accountability. In the Bible it says that we will meet up with Jesus in the sky and return to heaven with him to wait until he returns for his 1000 year reign on the earth. It will be a spiritual awaking for a lot of non believers and the people who claim to be Christians but have never be saved. For some good reading on the subject check out Tim La Haye and Jerry B Jenkins. They wrote the Left Behind series but also have some really good books about what the bible says about what is going to happen in the last days.

  4. No, I believe in the literal sense of rapture where Jesus will take His believers away. Even though I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, I sometimes wonder if maybe we’ll be here to live the beginning of the tribulation. Although, the US is not seen as a major player in the end of days bringing much speculation as to why. The rapture would work as a major debilitating force to the US if a large portion of the population would suddenly “disappear”.
    As far as a revival, yes, I expect one. The book of Revelation speaks of the 144,000 Jewish virgin males annointed by God tht will believe in Yeshua & begin preaching the gospel to their people.
    I think we may be here to see the appearance of the antichrist which reads a lot like the mahdi of the muslims.

  5. No. The book of Revalation uses rapture as God coming to rapture his church and come to dwell with him in heaven. This part is literal. He will take those that believe in him off this earth and start the end of times period.
    “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.” -Matthew 24: 40-41

  6. I dont know where that dante fella got His info but it isnt in the bible. I Thessalonians 4:13-18, explains the rapture even though the word itself isnt in our translations it explains a physical catching up of our bodys not just our spirits. The word rapture is in the latin translation, but it isnt a spiritual plain to rest our spirits but Christ Himself comes in the sky and calls us up to Him to be with Him forever. Its not a spiritual awakening, if you believe the bible, but its a physical snatching away of His Children.

  7. The word “rapture” actually came from the Latin vulgate. Harpazo….translated, a “catching up”.
    This is a literal movement…off of earth to meet Jesus “in the air”, as the bible tells us.


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