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Christ Consciousness vs Jesus saving only Christians?

I had a very interesting discussion with some people and alot of people were talking about this Universal Christ, saying that Jesus was a man, but God incarnated in many names not only just Jesus. When I visited other countries this was quit true, as people worshipped Jesus in a different name! It makes me think, what makes people think God cannot incarnate as many people? If God is universal wouldn’t God be known to many not just Christians?


  1. God is known to many because made everything and everybody. The thing is, people make God out to be anything they want him to be. We all have some innate sense of a higher being, but what really matters is if you get the right teachings as to who, or what this higher being is. This is the universal problem. Depending on what you learn, some people might have the image of God portrayed to them in a serious of unrealistic, and untrue ways.

  2. Jesus is the image many immature Christians worship as an idol and Christ Consciousness is where many mature Christians have a spiritual experience.


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