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Chrisitans, agree or disagree and WHY?

The 66 books in Isaiah, which is the triangular number of 11 symbolizes the sanctimony of cleansing that purifies the spiritually awakened body from religious sins. A religious sin is what is determined in Leviticus to be “unholy fire” before the Lord. That is the imposition of religious wrath by a Christian who perverts God’s will or character by exhibiting slanderous knowledge of who he is in his heart and soul. He imposes unjust “fines” or [fees] that he requires other people to pay him emotionally psychologically and spiritually, because he has a misplaced sense of entitlement. The New Testament contrary to popular believe was written only for the true believers of God. It was not written for everyone. Although it has been stated that our war is not against flesh and blood… but against wickedness in high places… Well most Christians do the evil things that are mentioned in the book of Isaiah and thus are the demonic, devilish beings in high places that the bible instructs the true believers to fight against.
There are 78 cards in a tarot deck which is the triangular number of 12. And as 12 Symbolizes glory so the 78 cards symbolize the utilization of demonic power to gain worldly riches who in their peculiar configuration, manifest the image of worldly glory and power. Well the same principle can be applied to Christians today, as there are 66 books in Isaiah, and 66 is the triangular number of 11, which means sanctification, so the 66 books in Isaiah symbolize the utilization of spiritual powers to gain a superficial satanic form of righteousness, who in their particular configuration manifests the image of spiritual sanctification and heavenly power. This is the mystery of lawlessness mentioned in the bible. These Christians who pollute the righteousness of God with their false knowledge and vain ideologies and pray deceitful prayers, are no different from pagans who perform “incantations” and ceremonial magic to their deluded image of God.
I was in a Chrisitan chat room before, the most, wicked, most demonic, most vile of all places for heavenly incantations to exist… and a woman there said she saw a 4 year old child blowing kisses to Jesus and she was sure that God’s heart was moved by this. Are the kisses of a 4 year old child more valuable in God’s site then the blood of his persecuted believers? Or the tribulations of those who seek to enter the kingdom of God? Or the worship of his saints; The kisse


  1. Far too convoluted to follow. Can you pare it down to something easier to digest?
    God is supposed to love us all, saint, sinner, child, elder, equally.

  2. you lost me, do you mean the 66 chapters in Isaiah?
    I am in agreement, not only do most christians sin… ALL christians are guilty of sin and deserve eternal damnation. The difference is that Christians have been saved by the sacrifice of Jesus blood. They don’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to earn their salvation. You indicate that the new testement is written for only true believers of God, yet Jesus said in Matt 5 that he did not come to abolish the law but to perfect it. No one can perfectly meet the requirements of the law. That’s the whole point of Jesus’s death on the cross.
    I don’t know anything but Tarot cards or the symbolism of triangular numbers. These have no relevance in my life.or in my walk with God. I get it that imperfect christians (the only kind of christian) do things, utter prayers, and misrepresent God every day. Thank God for his mercy and grace, and may we never stop being grateful for it.
    I’ve never been in a Christian chat room… but once again I suppose it is filled with sinners, who fall short of God’s perfect wisdom, such as you would find in any chatroom on the internet.

  3. I think you need to calm down, take a deep breath, and observe without prejudices what Christians really believe.
    Peace be with you.


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