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Chosing a brand of paint for interior walls?

I am trying to choose a brand of paint to paint bedroom walls. I have gotten some advice that I should purchase Benjamin Moore from a reliable paint store (not a Lowe’s or a Home Depot)
Has anyone had luck with Benjamin Moore? The Aura series perhaps?


  1. When we painted our house we discovered that a lot of the brands of paint were made by Sherwin Williams. (Sears, Walmart, and numerous others) I think Benjamin Moore was one of them but not 100%. So I am not certain brand is as important.

  2. Benjamin Moore is a good paint, it is also one of the most expensive ones.
    Sherwin Williams or Dulux by ICI are also very good paints and at a moderate price.

  3. I have used the ones listed below. I like the Classic 99 the most, it goes on nice and looks good dried. The color chips seem to be more accurate. It could be there is more nature lighting in the store as compared to the Depot. The Behr would be my next pick, I think Good House Keeping recommends Behr. Consumer reports always gave it good reviews. I think some folks had problems back in the 90’s, but I’ve only hard good reports about Behr.
    Benjanim Moore — Regal paints
    Sherwin Williams — Classic 99
    Home Depot — Behr Premium Plus.
    I’ve never used the Aura but I’m sure it is better then the Regal.

  4. I like Behr, but if money is a object, I would suggest going to Wal-mart.
    It is true that some of the tops brands are made by the same manufacture, just look at the labels, it is there in black and white.


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