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Chinese Zodiac Signs Rat & Horse?

I’m curious……for fun a friend asked what my chinese sign was and I didn’t know, it turns out I’m a Rat. I found it interesting because it many ways it does describe me. The not so nice characteristics…greedy, manipulative, gossip, calculating and backstabbing for self gain, doesn’t fit me at all. Don’t get me wrong….those thoughts have gone through my head when I feel like I’ve been betrayed, but I’m a firm believer in Karma….what you put out (whether good or bad) always comes back to you.
With that said……it mentioned that I should steer clear from the horse. I’ve read about the horse, but I’m trying to figure out why the two clash?
I find it interesting because those who are a horse sign and I had become friends I always end up wanting nothing to do with them….mostly because I felt like they were always putting up a front and seemed fake not to mention always putting others down. Does that have anything to do with it???


  1. Well as it seams you are very smart rat XD jk jk
    um well yeah the ones of the horse sign are the opposite of the ones of the rat sign, that’s why you clash because you’re completely different from each other, the ones of the horse yes they sometimes put a cover to protect themselves from the cruel reality because they thrive for imagination. in fact they’re very sensitive and vulnerable but they put a front only for security.

  2. HI,
    When looking at what you shared, the reason that the negative side of the Rat didn’t resonate with you was not because it is not a part of you, but because you choose not to delve into that behavior because you seem to have an understanding of universal law, such as mentioned Karma. So, you have made a choice not to engage in that behavior. Understand we all have the light ad the dark within us, its called shadow and these are soul challenges, sounds as though you have already met them.
    As far as the Rat vs the Horse goes, look at it like this, in western astrology the equivalent to the Rat Sagittarius and the equivalent to the Horse is Gemini. Naturally these sign oppose one another, this means that the other seeks what the other sign has for soul growth, it is attracted to the shadow self, (the other sigh) because on a subconscious level it wishes to integrate the energy and attributes of the opposing sign, however, if one is not patient, tenacious enough to ride out those times when the other starts to “get on its nerves” it will run instead of staying to gain further understanding of the sign, to embody it and then to no longer be “irked” by it. That is soul growth.
    So the initial attraction is normal, try and hang in there and see what you can learn from the opposite sign and then if need be gently move on.

  3. O
    they are sooo negative: my mom, my g-ma, and one of my best friends! they constantly are unhappy and are quite personally bothered by our happy, realistic, and straight-forward natures. it’s really quite annoying.
    i know exactly what you mean. they are always beating us down. they say that the combination is at it’s worse w a fire horse, bc the fire horse will always be terribly abuse to the rat, and that the rat is too practical/ clannish, and the horse too selfish (not to mention ignorant) for the rat to deal w.
    it truly is a bad combination. i’ve never had but great intentions towards them, but they just give me misery, so i just stay away from them.
    it’s true that some ppl are just truly incompatible regardless!


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