Chi? Why not in MMA?





I hear people becoming injured by Chi energy.
Doesn’t sound to convincing, but excuse my ignorance, I have never seen this & the stories sound very fiction.
Is this stuff real? If so, why isn’t it used in UFC, IFL, etc?
but people also claim to have seen energy escape from an individual’s mouth or hands during a yell.. So chi is not this advanced? It’s simply a yell to help exert more force during a strike?


  1. Chi is something that is considered speculative, although I believe in its existence. MMA is more concrete and verifiable for all to see. Chi is primarily present in the martial arts that do not have to prove themselves in the cage. MMA is all about proving that you are the baddest fighter around. Chi and MMA are on two different planes of existence.

  2. Saw a grand master who used sound waves to immobilise people take on a novice thai boxing teenager fight in competition,the grand master got the crap knocked out of him and made lots of weird noises that did nothing to his opponent,in fact he never landed a strike and once his nose was broken he gave up and everyone laughed their collective asses off,chi energy has no potential as a fighting art,it is merely a state of mind and a useful way to put a word to a technique that relaxes or prepares a person,you shout when you strike to put off your opponent and also because you dint wanna take a strike to the solar plexus or guts with breath in your body as it hurts like hell,all this magical ninja nonsense is garbage…

  3. its a chinese ma belief if you concentrate your energy on a single point and strike it the strike will be stronger. this is not stuff like naruto avatar and DBZ. but its still sweet anyway

  4. Khi is not real, the “extra” that some people claim is kinetic energy built up from proper technique not an inner power like is usually claimed through khi.

  5. Well there are anumber of theries about chi. One it is a kind of placibo effect,and that while there may be no spiretual internal force for martial arts to harness it is possible that through breathing techniques, meditation, and belief ou you will accomplish something extra, you will.
    Of course there are many out there who would insist that it chi is very real, I have seen demenstrations where a person had a bat broken over him, and credited chi for his lack of if it works it couldclearly have application in MMA.
    Then again assumeing that it is real, it is likly that chi would not be seen in MMA,asit supposedly takes many years,and appropriet mentalstatetomakeuse of, and in MMA the idea is to learn as much as hard and as fast as possible.

  6. Because it can take a decade or more of instruction and practice before you MAY develop the skills to be able to use it. Most people don’t have the patience to try and learn a skill they may or may not ever become proficient at using. And, there are few legit teachers in the US (and probably even China). If you are interested, read “The Power of the Internal Martial Arts” by BK Frantzis.

  7. chi exists, but i dont think it has magical properties.
    standing meditation is a way of cultivating chi, but chi means energy and the result of cultivating energy is explosive speed/power.
    it takes years of practice and patients, also practicing properly.
    many people still do not want to accept technique in mma, but more and more fighters are poping up that are displaying technique and are only getting better. look at cung le, anderson silva, lyoto machida to name a few. and there will be more and better eventually.
    1 – people that know real kung fu dont like to teach it to just anyone, they do not share their secrets with anyone they dont trust.
    2 – people in cage fighting all say the same thing “im doing a little bit of everything now, boxing, muay thai, wrestling, and bjj” well thats NOT everything. and kung fu takes years to master where mma takes a few years to get good, but the end result is vastly different in skill level.

  8. Chi injury is nonsense. Nobody can “throw a ball of chi” and injure anyone.
    From a practical standpoint Chi basically means focusing your body to do what your mind wants it to do. People who really focus can strike hard, etc. but it’s not superhuman – it’s just really excellent technique.
    Anyone who says they can “throw chi” or otherwise manipulate anything without touching it is lying or delusional.

  9. people are injured by the strike. the power of the strike is increased by focusing chi energy. its not like a ball of energy that shoots out of someones hand like a video game.
    it is used in MMA.
    the Chinese claim a lot of weird stuff like that.

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