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Chi Energy and smoking??

Is it heathy to build chi energy stronger, if im a smoker?Chi energy – I believe is Life energy, also know as soul, your innerself, ect… Im doing stances, meditation, and breathing…
The reason im asking is because i felt like 2mins of stomach area pain, felt better later on though..
Im practically done smoking too..
And like i just told Mileena, Like GOD, CHI is a Belief, you have faith or you dont, thats your choice.. I didnt come on here for people to kick my beliefs!


  • Sounds like a bunch of misinformed people who’ve experienced very little in the world of martial arts. Or who have mediocre teachers. To not be taught how to cultivate and manipulate one’s chi is to consistently place a barrier on yourself. Your skill will never reach its full potential without it. Throughout history, this has been proven by numerous warriors in both the continent and feudal japan as true. Dispute it all you want, I’ve seen it happen.

    As far as the question, aside from being really bad for your lungs and eventually stamina, it won’t affect your ability to use chi/ki until it becomes debilitating to your breathing, as internal energy is controlled highly in the beginning stages with breathing.

  • What is this chi thing that everybody (princess Kitana) are obsessed with.
    I think you ppl are weird coz you make stuff up and you believe it.
    Pathological liars you guys.

  • There’s no problem cultivating chi/qi energy if you’re a smoker. I practice many meditation and qi gong techniques, and I still smoke on occasion. But if your body is hurting one way or another, you need to figure out what’s wrong, maybe go see a doctor. And you should probably stop smoking anyways.

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