Cheaters never win, because winners never cheat…..?





I am a firm belever in the Pats ability and talent. They got outplayed, outcoached and shown that ANY team can win, if they want it bad enough. I’m not a fan of either team… just feel that the loss is due justce. The NFL sent a clear message to all young boys dreaming of playing in the NFL and grown men already playing in the NFL that cheating was OK, and had zero consequences whern they failed to sanction the TEAM after catching the cheating. I guess fate, God, Karma or the sheer will of the NY Giants had different plans …
Does anyone else find it ironic that the Pats lost, despite their true talent and ability ?
Phil, I think that the wn in the game they were caught cheatng in should have been taken from them. It would only have been 1 loss, but had they ended their “perfect season” wth a win last night…it would have also been history!


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  2. First off, what a fantastic Super Bowl! Great game.
    I found it ironic but at the same time I would have been against penalizing the players for what their coaches did. A draft pick and 750K in fines was enough for me. Its not just a draft pick either, its a 1st rounder.
    I think last night proved its better to be hot than it is to be talented. The Giants, arguably, were out-talented in every game this post-season (except the Bucs) yet they found a way to get it done. A true team that gelled going into the playoffs.

  3. I think the Patriots were a little too full of themselves. They had a perfect season, so they probably figured they could beat anybody with no problem. Arrogance played a role in their demise. And possibly Bill’s stupid sweatshirts that are the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. 😛

  4. I completely agree. The Patriots simply did not deserve to win that football game last night. Watching Bill walk off the field was priceless.

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