Charizard VS. Girantina, who would win?

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Girantina’s attacks: Shadow Force, Heal Block, Aura Sphere, Shadow Claw. Abillity: Pressure.
Charizard’s moves: Flamethrower, Fly, Blast Burn, Steel Wing. Abillty: Blaze
No type advantages, no hacks. Only 1 can win

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Chu 4 Lyfe TMB Me DWN p(-^_~-p)

Charizard would win unless it loses all of its PP with Giratinas pressure. Then Giratina takes the win, but Charizard seems to have better attacks, but they don’t seem like enough lol.
But there is not really enough information to choose who wins or lose.
Dang it! lol I forgot about Giratina being a dragon type too lol >< but when you meant type advantages, I think you meant like no super affective or whatever but yeah [: thumbs up to 4th answerer b(-^_^-b)


Giratina’s Pressure ability will screw over Charizard the longer this battle goes on, and with Giratina being part ghost-type, Struggle will not affect it. Charizards Blaze ability is useless considering that Giratina is a dragon type, making fire not-very-effective.
Charizards key attacks here are Steel Wing and Fly. Giratina will waste moves on the absense of Charizard during fly, but has more to use anything Charizard than vise-versa, and the dragon-zombie WILL, without a doubt, win against Charizard – unless Giratina or its trainer was just plain stupid.


Giratina will win even though both Pokemon have terrible move sets.
Giratina has more HP, higher Attack, higher Special Attack, higher Defense, and higher Special Defense. Pressure will cause Charizard to run out of PP before Giratina and Struggle removes 25% of the user’s health.


girantinas stats are wayyy better than charizards.
i would have to say girantina.
even though charizard is my all time favorite.


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