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Changing the color of your aura?

Is there anyway you can? I primarily have a green aura, with blue around my mouth and neck, confirmed by my girlfriend, but sometimes I have a clear bright aura. I am clairvoyant and intuitive, but looking to expand the color range of my aura, and have heard you can do this, just not how to do so. Any knowledge on this subject out there?
If I were to defend my position on the subject at hand from skeptics, being John F, I would say it is a personal influence of opening the mind to the range of vision we can perceive from within. It is not a global context, unless you allow the expansion to take place. I should know, I can be a skeptic, and even one about my own rhetoric. I find it healthy.
Blue Foots„¢ shapeshifter and Running out of time… thank you for your responses, I had a feeling it was along those lines, I simply am at a loss of embracing them. Although, productivity does come at it’s leisure often times when changes are necessary.
I have only ever seen three other peoples auras, being green, green and yellow, as mine sometimes turns yellow as well. My idea is it signifies how open people are with them self.
Thanks again for all your input! Hope I can help in the future!

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  1. you shouldn’t ask these things on Y!answers. you’ll merely be called crazy or you be told you are going to hell and need to come to Jesus

  2. Interesting idea… I have never seen anyone change colors… I’ve always wondered about this anyway… being able to see the heat from someone… most people I look at have a yellowish one around them… I once saw someone with black.. which was very strange.. but I have not seen people with mixed colors….
    anyway, I guess I’m one of those strange ones…:)
    I have colorblindness in one eye.. weird huh?

  3. I don’t think you can change the color just like that. I’m pretty sure the color changes from within you. So if you wanted to have a red aura, you would have to look into the meaning of the color and find a way to have those feelings in you so that your aura can become red. There’s no magic to it, you just need to work from the inside out, and you’ll be able to change the aura at some point.

  4. I have to agree with the others posts so far – in that you cannot simply change the color of your aura with the snap of a finger…lol…I think it depends on (as you said) how open you are – how in tune you are with others and others around you – how in tune you are with lots of other things really….so much is involved here! I think it also tells a story about an individual (the color of ones aura)! I think it can tell a person what type of person you are, sense of spirituality, healing, vibes, wisdom, etc., – if you can pay attention – different moods are also said to change a persons aura (slightly) – this can also tell you a lot! I think the green signifies education – at a point in a persons life where you are learning and/or are more open to learning new and different things – looking for more information – a different shade of green can be energetic….the yellow I think (depending on the shade) is supposed to mean happiness and/or contentedness…or it can mean mental frustration – lol – depends on the shade. It really depends on the shades of colors and combinations of them as to what they mean and what it signifies about a person. I think a light blue shade is supposed to mean a higher learning, wisdom and acceptance – along with white carried through the blue……
    Hard to know for sure – lol – I did a study on it at one time – lol – (some time ago) and there is so much information out there that contradicts each other….lol….I think it is a study that is done best by practice and observation! Hope that helped.

  5. I am a emerald green aura but i can change the concentration of aura coming out to blue i also can change it into any shape i want. so yeah i can also drain peoples auras and take energy from plugs my freind was over and he said when i drain stuff it turns purple with some red but when it comes back out its either emerald green or blue (depending on concentration of aura) so yeah u can this is the first time he ever saw this befor he said. I can aslo put up repeling aura which he felt as soon as he entered my room i put a ton in there, he said that somthing said to get out like a feeling. so yeah u can change your sura colors its just matters if u can do it or not.

  6. Yes, you can always change the color of your aura.
    Your aura’s size and color responds to your mood, personality, health, spirituality, gifts, in short-term and long-term ways. For example, when you are so pissed you want to punch someone in the face, you aura emits angry red energy that can harm another’s aura. When you are depressed or in a poor health, your aura will turn weaker and gray. In fact, by just saying the word ‘weak’ your aura weakens and by saying ‘strong’ it grows stronger, proving the power of words and self-esteem. So just changing your mind-settings, you can change your aura.
    They are many sources to learn abour your aura, including books and articles on the net. You can always buy a Kirlian camera, wich can take a picture of your aura, or have it taken. There is many real mediums and psychics how can describe your aura to you and how you can strenght it up.
    I have realised that some people here do not share our believe. I have one thing to tell you: IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, THEN SHUT-UP. And I personaly think you SHOULD ask those things. Talk about it. Teach about it. I don’t say go on the streets and yell that angels are real and that your aura is green, but PLEASE do not hide your beliefs in the fear that you’ll be called crazy or going to hell. They’ll always be people who will say its bullshit, but who cares? They can’t tell you what to believe in.


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