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Changing Reality with my mind?

Sometimes I will randomly/accidentally think about something, and it will happen. For example, this is the most recent. I was filling out a bulletin survey on Myspace.com because I was bored and tired of working, and one of the questions was “What serial killer do you find most disturbing?” – and my answer was “Government & Jeffrey Dahmer”. I know it’s really messed up, but thats just a slice of the story (no pun intended) – i talked to my Father about Jeffrey Dahmer (don’t worry, i’m 19 lolz) and later tonight, its actually on TV right now, Jeffrey Dahmer is on MSNBC, its an old interview they are airing but its still really odd. Now, I know alot about meditation and the Third Eye Chakra, and I have been trying to activate my Pineal Gland as of lately (its a gland in your brain that releases DMT while you sleep) – And I can’t help but think that I may be predicting the future by accident. Im not insane, I’m a very intellectual human being. But this is wild.


  1. ko inky dink?
    Happens to me too. Like I’m the only person who exists. Paranoia. *Jaws music starts playing and I look behind me to make sure nothings there*

  2. I think everyone gets that feeling – I know I have, and have been totally creeped out by it too. But I think whats really happening is that you have been special paying attention to a certain topic, and because of that you’re going to notice it way more if it coincidentally comes up after that. Jeffrey Dahmer might be on TV at other times, but because it wasn’t relevant to your life at the time you never really noticed before. If that makes sense.
    I totally know how that feels though – its weird!

  3. Haha. Yea your not insane. To be honest, im not sure how I feel about actually ‘seeing’ the future. Because I don’t know if I believe it’s mapped out for us already…but the whole psychic thing is real. It happens to me all the fricken time and Im actually working on strengthening it. I discussed with someone the other day how everyone use to be able to do sweet stuff and use their mind, but then they started getting caught up in life and the ablility to access that part of you became much more difficult. it’s still there…way back. but with practice we can learn to use it again.

  4. nah just an effect of successful marketing I’m afraid…happens to us all sadly
    …”Third Eye Chakra” really? just my opinion but I’m thinking more of Third Eye Blind’s new album release.

  5. If you think about things hard enough, they happen.
    No joke.
    When I used to sneak cigarettes, every time I would concentrate on someone who would catch me and yell at me… they would come along.
    So yea… If you dwell on things, then they are likely to happen.
    It can be creepy… but fun if you can say things at the same time as they happen on the radio and stuff.
    Fun Fun Fun 🙂


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