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Championship Saturday: Who Plays for the Crystal Ball?

Just would like to hear your thoughts on some of the important games on the final weekend of the college season:
Oklahoma vs Mizzou
LSU vs Tenn (I’m expecting a HUGE emotional letdown from LSU…I’m not sure if they are healthy enough physically or mentally to overcome)
Arizona vs Arizona State
USC vs UCLA (How on earth could UCLA still have a shot at a Rose Bowl berth…after losing to NOTRE DAME!?)
West Virginia vs Pitt (Mouties win, they’re in)


  1. OU play a boring game where they hold on to the ball run the clock down and keep Missoui’s offense off the field if that happens they win.
    I expect Tenn to keep up LSU losing in overtime I think Tenn comes up with a 4th down stop just like Kentucky
    I hope Arizona can keep up its big upsets because I would like to see UCLA pull off a major upset too so they end up in the Rose Bowl that would be funny
    Unfornatly WVU wins this one easy enough said

  2. Oklahoma is playing almost a home game here and I don’t think that Mizzou is ready for this stage: Oklahoma
    LSU-Tennessee-I am pulling for Tennessee, because of what you mentioned and making some friends when by sitting in the Tennessee section when they played Cal: Tennessee
    Arizona vs. Arizona St: Mike Stoops will be job hunting come next Monday: ASU
    USC-UCLA- See above for Karl Dorell:USC
    West Virginia-Pitt: See above for Dave Wannstedt:UWV

  3. OU/Mizzou should be a good game. Unfortunately, I’m torn on this one. Being an OU fan, I have to go for them, even knowing if we win, it knocks the Big XII out of the National Title game.
    I don’t think Tennessee can handle LSU. Tennessee hasn’t impressed me much all year. As soon as it was clear they were in the driver’s seat in the SEC East, I kept hoping somebody, ANYbody would beat them so Georgia could play LSU. I think UGA would dismantle LSU, but not Tennessee.
    ‘Zona/ASU. Probably State, but I’ll go for the Wildcats. Like I said, I’m an OU fan. That’s Bob Stoops’ brother out there.
    UCLA is not going to beat USC. No way that happens. Remember last year? I bet the Trojans do too.
    West Virginia rolls over Pitt. I could put together a team off of Yahoo Answers that would beat Pitt.
    Putting West Virginia and (unfortunately) Ohio State in the National Title game. Go Mountaineers.

  4. I think Mizzou beats OU, because it’s hard to beat a team twice in one year(and one reason I don’t like the set up of the SEC, Big 12 and other conferences that have a chance at a rematch)
    LSU smokes Tenn. LSU is going to be mad. I think LSU lost both times this year because they were ranked number 1 and had a let down. If they would have been ranked 3 all year, they would probably still be undefeated.
    Arizona State Arizona will probably be the best game. I think ASU wins, but not sure. They could have a huge let down, or they could come out fired up. I think all things equal they are the better team.
    USC smokes UCLA. 5014 or something similar.
    WVU beats Pitt much like they beat UCONN, close early, pull away at the end. Acually I thougt about it, and Pitt has terrible run defense. WVU puts up points early and often. 60-14 in this one.


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