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I am in to chakras and auras and I’m able to see my aura and other people’s auras but I have to really focus to see them so I was wondering if there was any way to practice them without having to focus really hard to get my aura sight going. I can see the different colors on me and other people but I can’t move when I’m focusing on my aura or it will fade away and I can’t move my focus on any other part of my body that’s glowing a color because it will fade aways also, so if there were any way to practice moving and focusing on other parts of my body without the glowing aura fading away I would be so thank full………thank-you.!!!


  1. Try sharpening your astral vision through deep meditation. If you can practice with a group with at least a few advanced souls you will start to see auras more clearly.

  2. It’s kind of a case of practice. You get better at it with time.
    Your best bet is probably to clear out your chakras. There are many many ways to do this. But the chakras are energy flows within the body, and if those are open and working, you’re capable of more.
    Other things I’ve heard is to keep your vision soft- let it come to you. And that meditation and focusing on the third eye helps. You could look into books on it as well.

  3. If you really want to practice, remember – even in magic, there is science.
    As far as auras having colors, if you can see them, then your site is pretty darned good – that would be the astral level. The most easiest level to see is the etheric, which is less rarified than the astral level above it, and doesn’t have much for colors, per se.
    But you might do well to check out the information of this article, “How to See the Aura With the Naked Eye”, here; http://twurl.nl/fvamux
    This will give you some background from which you can perhaps further tone your vision. The experimental exercise explained in the article will not only help you understand the need to not focus so much, but also what you should be focusing on. You may find this to be quite informative.
    It mostly deals with seeing the etheric level, but it gives some people insights into how to move up from there. If you like it, and/or have any questions, feel free to message me and let me know.
    I hope this helps! ^_^


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