Chakra(really wana know)?





What is chakra?
How can you know whether there’s chakra flowing in our body?
How to open the chakra holes?
What must we do after opening the chakra holes?
What can we do when the chakra holes are open?
And if you have any other details about chakra, please tell. Thank you.


  1. i am not an expert on chakras
    but they are energy points at certain parts of your body
    there are 7 that are commonly know … some argue there are more
    they are all open , in everyone
    what people practise is balancing them , getting them flowing and moving properly
    someoone may be able to explain better

  2. I don’t know about chakra, but I certainly know when there’s something flowing through one of my “holes.”

  3. Charkras are a theory, like most things that have to do with spirituality. Chakras are believed to be key energy points in our body. Some people believe there are 5 while others believe there are 7. They are your base Chakra, which centers in your pelvic region ( it’s color is considered red) your Solar plexis chakra, which is at your diaphram, Your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, which is in your forhead, and your crown chakra, which is a thte top of your head. The crown chakra is supposed to be the one that best connects to the energy of your higher power. It is believed that chakras can be “dirty” if you have negative energy focused at something in your life that has to do with the chakra, like if you never speak your mind and bite your tongue when you have something to say, your throat chakra would be closed and dirty. I am not too sure how much Ipersonally believe in chakras, but I can say that I have gone thru a chakra cleansing, in which someone said they were helping me to lift my chakras away from my body to spin the yuckiness off of them, they set them spinning in a clockwise direction until all of the yuckiness flew off into the universe and all that was left was the bright color associated with my chakra. It was basically a guided meditation with a lot of suggestion, but I did feel incredibly good for many days after it was done, and I do try to replicate it in my meditations sometimes, it always leave me feeling great.
    Sorry for the long response. 🙂

  4. The chakras are energy centers in your body. Traditionally there are seven, but some research has noted there may be 3 additional ones. They are, in order and by color: 1.Crown (White/Light Purple), located above the head; 2.Third Eye (Purple) located between your two eyes; 3.Throat (Blue) located at your throat; 4.Heart (Green/pink depends on tradition and teaching); 5. Solar Plexus (yellow) located above your bellybutton; 6. Sacral (orange) located below your bellybutton; 7. Root/Base (red) located at your genitals. The additonal three chakras are supposedly the higher crown, higher heart, and earth chakra, located above your head, slightly above the heart, and below your feet.
    The chakras should be open and functioning on there own, however sometimes one or two may become blocked by illness, stress, or other outside forces like environment. They can be reopened and cleaned by a simple mediation process. There are many of these available. After opening and cleaning the chakras you should make sure they are somewhat closed to more blockages, but still open and functioning. The chakras are the balancing forces in your body and help us function normally. It is said that if a chakra remains blocked it can cause illness. Such as, a blocked throat chakra that remains blocked can result in a sore throat. There is also some benefit to knowing which chakra is strongest on your body so that you can draw off that to balance the others. There is a free online test to find this out as well as one to find out which of your chakras are functioning well. They are somewhat accurate. This is the link for the openness of your chakras: and this is the link for finding your most powerful one: (this one will tell you what it is, but other than that you have to pay for more information). Chakras are mostly worked with in energy healing, crystal healing, and similar arts. I hope this information is helpful to you.

  5. The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language in which Hindu and some Buddhist scriptures are traditionally written in). It is a concept within certain forms of mysticism and the explanation can become very elaborate. Basically, the idea is that there a vortexes of psychodynamic energy within a person. Of the major chakras (the number 7 is often given), each center has a certain life theme and is associated with a certain elements and qualities. In meditating on the chakras and “moving through” them, a person gains self-knowledge and the ability to expand and evolve. Chakra lore is basically part of the Tantric yoga tradition. It has been adopted by and sort of corrupted –or reinvented–by western magical and New Age groups. (BTW, The sefiro in the Kabbalist tree of life, the wounds of Christ, and the planets were meditated on by European Medieval and Renaissance mystics and occultists in a way similar to how eastern yogis meditated on the “chakras”).
    Worrying about chakra holes and opening and closing (or spinning, etc) chakras is pointless. Simple chakra meditations involve focussing awareness on the area of the body associated with a chakra, observing emotions and memories that come up (or else meditating on the symbolic imagery of the chakra) until one has some kind of closure or insight, and then moving one’s awarness to the next chakra. A myriad of books–most crap but harmless and probably useful for “beginners” –are out there and i’m sure that the Internet is loaded with the same stuff.
    Sites of the 7 major chakras are the base of the spine (or a sensation in the perineum), the genital area, the solar plexus, heart area, throat, forhead and top of the head.

  6. Chakras are energy centres – there are seven chakras within us and they all have spiritual qualities. In order to feel your chakras you need your Self Realization. Visit to learn more about the chakras and receive your Self Realization.

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