Home Discussion Forum chakra??????????and the bible?

chakra??????????and the bible?

is chakra against the bible. chritians and catholics only. thank you


  1. Chakras are energy centers of the body. We have seven of them.
    Belief in Chakras is usually a New Age belief. Meaning it’s not Christian and has nothing to do with the Bible.

  2. simply because you told me i can’t answer this question, i feel obligated.
    i was required to study the bible in school, along with buddhist, muslim, and other beliefs. as far as i know, chakras are points of energy in the body that one can choose to meditate with. i can’t concieve how this is a sin

  3. Chakras are a concept within esoteric yogic systems developed in India and thereabouts. It is out of context in regard to Christianity. However, the equivalent in Christianity–during the middle ages at least — was equating parts of one’s body with the wounds of Christ and the gifts of the spirit or the virtues. I don’t have the reference material on the computer I’m at right now to go into more detail. Also some mystics and esotericists during the middle ages (who mixed Christianity with esoteric magical and alchemical ideas) imagined that the planets had correspondences in and influences on the body and mind in the same way that the chakras of eastern lore are thought to influence the body and mind. Also the Holy Spirit and the lore about the descent of the Holy Spirit is similar to the idea of Kundalini arousal known in the East and may be a similar neurophysiological process when it occurs. Christians, however, tend to think of Kundalini as some kind of evil, dangerous force and the Holy Spirit as a benign and vital force (but if you’ve experienced both, you would know they were exactly the same.)


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