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what is chakra???

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Chakra is the life force of a being according to yoga.


Your body’s energy.


It’s an centre of energy. A human body has 7 chakras:
Root- in the area of your tail bone —-colour:red
Sacral- in the are of your ovaries(woman) or testicles(man)—-colour orange
Solar Plexus – 5 cm above the belly button—-colour:yellow
Heart – well the name says it —- colour: pink or green
Throat – as well… —- colour: blue
Third eye – in the middle of the forehead—–colour:indigo
Crown —-colour: violet or white
You can try meditation to open your chakras if are closed.


Chakra is a Sanskrit term literally meaning “wheel.” Chakras are energy centers located in our etheric body, that is, the electromagnetic energy that surrounds our physical being (our aura, if you will). Life force penetrates the physical body by moving in and out of these energy centers. They are the avenue through which the Universal Life Force embraces us. Life Force is what comprises the chakras.
EDIT: Thank you, Keltasia. Yes, indeed, re: 7 primary and lots of secondary (every joint represents a chakra). Also, very important to remember the “hara” or “tan-t’ien,” located 2 inches below the navel. This is the place of “original ch’i,” where external Life Force connects to internal force, joining in a double helix rising through the body as a raised kundalini.


Good answer Shihan. Also, it is believed there are 7 main chakras and many minor ones. Each system has a different number. Personally, I pay more attention to the 7 main ones plus the ones in the hands & feet.


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