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Chakra work for pain control?

Has anyone used their chakras for pain control? Is there a set sequence to open them to help keep major pain dimmed down? I have a friend who’s got two fused vertebrae in her lower back and is trying to get relief without using Oxycotin and the other serious meds, and wants to be walked through some chakra work to see if this can help her.
It’s major pain, and she doesn’t qualify for help financially with her medical bills. I’ve used mind over matter to keep pain from a bubbled up sunburn dimmed down to nothing for half a week, but she needs more than I can suggest so we were going to attempt the chakra work just to see if it could benefit her.
I would need to know which sequence to work down, if any websites can be suggested, or anyone has something they’ve tried that might work it would be immensly helpful.
Sorry, she tried the ‘weed’, it’s not strong enough. Two vertebrae in her spinal column have bulging, disintegrating disks, this is major pain problems. It’s immensly hard for her to move.
She has limited medical insurance, and they maxed it out already with the doctor visits and pain meds. She doesn’t qualify for the local programs and has been turned down by SSD. Her last doctor gave her all the samples he had, to help, but she’s looking at not having any help at all in the near future. She’s in a small town so what IS there is limited.
I’ve understood chakras to be energy points, yes, and that they can be focused on to help the mind control the body’s reactions. If there’s another form of doing this, then please let me know. I’m not talking about ‘affirmations’ here, though.


  1. Let me make this clear. I have learnt yoga in India for years. There was no mention of any chakras or third-eye or any of that nonsense that is being tossed around on these sites.
    Chakras are theoretical points that run along the spinal cord to the forehead. There 7 supposed main points. Chakras are found in Tantric yoga which is a dangerous form of yoga. Even expert yogis avoid it. Plus the fact that it takes years to master under the right guidance. DON’T and I repeat DON’T buy a book written by some so-called expert and try to follow it. You cannot learn from a book.
    It is very sad to me that an ancient art form is being tossed around so cheaply by some scam artists who are only interested in making money. They give big names like chakras and the thrid eye and karma and all that gibberish just to sound smart and attract suckers and sell books.
    If she is in pain go to a doctor and have surgery. She is only going to screw up even more if she starts practicing this so called “opening of chakras” without expert guidance.
    Sorry I have to tell you this but that is the way it is.
    Edit : Looks like you don’t want to listen to reason. All I am saying is it is a dangerous. Not something you want to play with or learn from a book. If that is what you want to do then find an expert who has mastered it before attempting any of it.
    Shadow Storm, what you are saying is something else with the word chakra attached to it. As I stated, words are being thrown around these days by people wanting to make money and trying to sound elite or mystical when they are nothing but snake-oil salesmen. Chakra is an Indian word meaning circle. If you want to use the Indian version then it is found in Tantric yoga which is a dangerous form. Otherwise don’t use the word Chakra. Call it something else.

  2. I don’t know that working them in any order can be dangerous, so if you don’t find an answer here I would try working in whatever order you intuit to be best.

  3. Wow, someone made opening chakras sound very scary. You’re chakras can open and there are several puposes for such a practice and it does not have to be through Yoga. I don’t understand why anyone would offer yoga and then tell you that it’s dangerous. I’ve never tried it other than some basic stretching techniques from a book and i’m alright.
    Well, to move on, Sorry to hear about the physical pain and financial pain. It’s not enough that we sometimes experience great pain but now we have to sit around knowing that the only thing between any of us getting better is money. Hopefully that changes in the future.
    Have you tried Reiki? It’s a healing technique that has existed in various forms in the past but recently been “brought back”. The reason why I used the quotations was because it’s existed this entire time and it has been used the only difference is that now they’ve found a way to make it more available to the public.
    If you cannot find a reiki practitioner then I recommend you become one, or let her become one. Also, there are reiki practitioners that take in students (at a cost usually) and during the training process they offer free healing sessions to help students excel. Just start anywhere, many reiki practitioners don’t turn down anyone (most but they can if they cannot take in any more).
    I think Reiki would be perfect as the channeling is easier and you don’t need to be a master at anything to use it with confidence.
    While you search you can do a grounding meditation and pray that the area that needs healing be healed. Through a grounding meditation you are using the same energy that reiki uses in order to promote healing. This could help relieve some of the pain but it has been my experience that it’s going to take a few good tries before you can actually walk away painless. You have to let the body get enough to work with before the relief lasts longer than the session.
    Don’t leave out pain relievers just yet if she’s on them. Don’t go against your doctor and don’t mix too many drugs. I think it was wrong for anyone to offer weed as if they were doctors. Mixing it with medicines might also not turn out so well.
    If you need more information, email me directly.
    Blessings and much luck, shadow storm.

  4. Chakra work can be very helpful for pain relief, but you need to get Reiki attunements before you start practicing and working with Reiki energies. Good luck, I hope she finds some pain relief.

  5. Check the chakra section on my website. It has instructions on openingand balancing the chakras. It would help if she could get Reiki healing. There might be someone willing to donate their time. If she lives in Tampa Bay, I will do it.


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