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Chakra tattoos?

I want to get chakra tattoos in the exact locations they occur.
Even the crown and third eye chakras and the minor chakras on palms and feet. I was wondering if anyone could offer pictures of this being done before. Please don’t tell me how stupid this would be… it is my choice, not yours. They make makeup I can use to cover the two very small facial tattoos.
This means a lot to me and it will not happen soon, I need a few years of planning, I would just really like to see how it looks.
Thank you and blessed be (*)
Btw, I also plan on getting a paw print on the back of my neck with SPIRITWOLF written in Elder Futhark… (Wolf is my spirit animal)
Just thought I’d throw that out there =)


  1. Good luck finding an ethical, reputable artist to do a facial tattoo, if you’re not a tattoo artist yourself. Many places will not do hands, necks, faces.

  2. You are right it is your decision because God gives us free will. While you are taking your years to plan please read in the Bible what it says about marking your body. Hope this helps. By the way I am not a religious nut my husband has a tattoo but as soon as he was saved and read it for his self he vowed to never get another tattoo.

  3. There are seven Chakras….
    Solar Plexus
    OK, all but the throat and forehead tattoos could be easily hidden by clothing or hair.
    If you put them down the back instead of the front, even those two could be covered by the hair on your head…
    But are you prepared to have tattoos at the pubic line area (sacral chakra) or at the crack of your butt in the back, and – even more ummmm, ‘interesting’ – at the place between the anus and genital area (root chakra)??
    Nice idea in theory…. really really bad idea in practice.
    Added afterthought:
    You know, spirit guides (spirit animals) most likely change as we progress through life. What your spirit animal is now, most likely will not be the same animal as 5 or 10 years from now…

  4. Hmm. Interesting idea.
    I would only caution that coloring them might be a poor idea. Most of the promulgated ‘chakra color maps’ are way off base. Chakras change colors all the time and open and close all the time. I’d be hesitant to put anything fixed into their sphere of operation. It might permanently influence how they operate.
    And I’m also assuming you’ll be doing the front chakras and not the back ones.
    It’s a very intriguing idea; I’m glad you’re putting a lot of thought into it. I think tattoos should be very personal to the wearer (“Starland Vocal Band?! They suck!” D’oh!).
    I’ve also discovered, that in most cases — when it’s all said and done — the only one who really cares about your tattoos is you. My hard-thought out collection of too’s usually gets a “oh yeah. huh.” and that’s it! I’m glad I got them for me!

  5. you can get temporary tattos that fade over time they are called chakra boosters, they are 20 dollars for the whole set, i have heard and read good reveiws about them, and you could then decide if u wanted to have them permanant, hope this helps, lovw and light


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