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Chakra, stress, or other?

I think I may be experiencing chakras (just maybe). Sometimes when I’m alone, I feel and odd tension in the middle of my forehead. When I’m in a crowd, I sometimes feel tension where the heart chakra would be. Does this mean anything? I really want to know.
P.S. Another little note, this morning I saw a dark fog around one of my friends for a split second today. For the rest of the day, bad things were happening to her. What could be going on?


  1. I have provided you a link that has some information concerning Chakras.
    Of course there are other explanations for your experiences like tension headaches and mild anxiety or social phobia when you are in crowds.

  2. The concept of chakras is based on spiritual/religious beliefs, not on anything empirical or evidence-based. You can choose to recognize them as a cause or explanation for a certain condition. Personally, I see no need to do so. It’s quite possible you are feeling the effects of stress or anxiety.

  3. You know the saying “gut feeling” “broken heart” or “all choked up” Those are feelings we get from what is said to be main energy areas of the body. These areas can get strained or blocked which can cause an strange feeling in these areas. Also just learning to calm your mind can get you to experience the feelings and the colors that come from these areas.
    Remember we are not physical beings that sometimes have spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings that are having a physical experience.

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