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Chakra stimulation?

What does it mean when a sensation is felt in the area of where a chakra normally is?
so When we feel an emotion so strong that it starts to then manifest into a physical sensation being felt at one of the chakras.


  1. This means that you are doing exactly what you should be. Very good! Next try moving to your meditation area and try to move the sensation from one chakra to another. You’re on your way to kundalini, good luck!

  2. Chakras as energy centers; chakras open and close (best way to describe) which affects the amount of energy flowing.
    You may be able to control your energy flow, by visualization or some other favorite way you focus.
    Blocked Chakras can affect the physical body so people try to unblock them. Perhaps you are feeling either a good flow of lots of energy or a constriction (blocking) of energy at that Chakra, either way it is getting your attention?

  3. Hello Flazon
    Sensations are felt within the chakra area once a you have developed enough to be aware of your subtle energy system.
    Within the feet & hands it can feel like a pulling. In all it can be a tingling, heat, ache. You can also clarvoyantly be aware of them via images.
    Heart ache, knot in stomach etc are all chakra sensations.


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