Chakra question: What are some good ways to "ground" yourself?

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Hi,I’m interested in “grounding,” as related to the first chakra. I’d like to know a few specific ways a person can energetically ground themselves.
How do you do the bioenergetics forms of grounding, for instance, and what kinds of exercises work best for grounding? Are there any specific yoga poses?
What’s the best way to go about grounding? Can you you “ground” yourself once and then you are done, and you will remain grounded from then on? Or do you have to ground yourself every day? How does this sort of thing work?
Thank you in advance for your answer!
Thank you for your answer! Now, this might be a silly question, but have you got to do this sort of thing every day? Can I just “ground” myself and be done with it? Or do I have to keep doing stuff to ground myself forever?

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Deep breathing and positive reinforcing resolves.
You can try – Cobra pose!
– bow and arrow
– Yoga Nidra
– alternative nostril breathing.


Grounding in one chakra is not permanent.It is a method which requires continuous effort for which we have to keep
the ego alive.


Apart from what your answerers are saying, you may be able to visit someone who does cakra balancing. If they are good then it will depend on your ‘home’ work in grounding yourself as to how many times you’ll need to visit. You do need to keep practicing any techniques you learn for grounding if your tendency is to not be grounded. People who balance chakras often use gem stones. You can purchase your own such as smokey quartz and some beautiful blood red stones. How they are used you will need to ask further.
Grounding foods are heavy. In Ayurveda there are 3 body types Air Fire and Water. The Air type (vata) needs to take grounding foods more. Read a book on ayurveda. -sweet, oily foods and whole grains.


Why would you only want to heal your first Chakra and not the rest, if you want to ground yourself?
I would find a good teacher to help you, or take a class on Chakra balance in one of those local alternative bookstores.
Everyone is different when it comes to grounding. Some take more time than others to ground themselves, and may need alternative ways. It just depends.
There are no best ways, it’s an individual thing for everyone.
No, I don’t think you can ground yourself once and then your done. As long as your on this earth and changing, learning, dealing with others, negative or positive. Grounding will be a continuous thing. Some groundings you do, may last long than others.
For one thing, don’t hang out with people who are negative.
It also depends on what you do. Some people only need one Chakra balance a year, some two, some more etc. etc.
You can also try walking on the grass barefoot, while meditating to help ground yourself daily or how often you feel you need it. This is not a cure for some who need serious grounding though.
Go to the beach, sit by a creek, sit on the grass etc. Anything that has to do with mother nature helps.
All in all, as long as you are evolving, grounding will be a natural part of your life, and the groundings you do, may change also.


positive thinking and just focus on it


Yes go to sleep, wake up, and get a reality check…smell the roses…


Grounding yourself has to do with reconnecting to the earth so to speak. I visualize energy coming in through my head, going through my body, and coming out my feet going into the ground where it can be used over and over again. I use a big piece of magnetite. It’s dense and full of iron so it really helps me. I just hold it in my lap. Once you’re grounded you might not need to be grounded again for a while. Especially if you visualize you’re grounded everyday. The tree pose and the child’s pose in yoga will help with that. The root chakra has to do with fear, so if you find yourself full of fear or paranoid you need to be grounded, or if you feel flighty like you’re off in space then you need to be grounded. Good luck and best wishes!


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