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chakra question help?

how many are there and what is each one for
if you are reading this and not answering answer it.


  1. A total of 7 chakras from the base spine to the crown of the head.
    1 )Muladhara – the Sacral Plexus -> the base of the spine.
    2 )Swadhisthana – the Prostatic Plexus.
    3 )Manipura – the Solar Plexus.
    4 )Anahata – the Cardiac Plexus -> located in the heart region.
    5 )Vishuddha – the Laryngeal Plexus -> in the throat region.
    6 )Ajna – the Cavernous Plexus -> located between the eyebrows.
    7 )Sahasrara – the Pineal Gland -> located on the crown of the head.
    These are the little information that I could provide you with.

  2. It depends on the system you are studying in. Most well known is the system used in a certain form of Tantric yoga. These chakras were already given in answer by Eros. Here are a few further details.
    The root chakra (muladhara, “root prop”) is associated with the element of earth, the sense of smell, the bones, the sense of security and community life and basic needs of existence. Its ruling planet is Mars. Its basic mandala is a yellow square . It’s animal is the elephant. It’s main mantra is lam. (pronounced approximately like lrum or lrung)
    The second chakra (svadisthana, “dwelling place of the soul;) is associated with the element water and the sense of taste, fluidity, emotion, feeling, dreams, desires. Its planet is Mercury. Its basic mandala is a light blue or silvery crescent. Its animal is the crocodile. Its main mantra is vam (vum or vung)
    The thrid chakra (manipura, city of jewels) is associated with the fire element and sense of sight, light, digestion, assertion, will, ego, ability to act. Its planet is the sun Its basic mandala is an inverted red triangle. Its animal is the ram. Its main mantra is ram (rrrrum)
    The fourth chakra (anahata, unstruck sound) is associated air element and sense of touch, relationships, sense of self and humanity, balance, and beauty.Its planet is Venus. Its basic mandala is a green hexagram. Its animal is the deer. Its main mantra is yam (yum).
    The fifth chakra (vishuddha , pure) is associated with space and the sense of sound, expression, creativity, thought. Its basic mandala is a purple crescent. Its planet is Jupiter Its animal also is an elephant. Its main mantra is ham (hum)
    The sixth chakra (ajna , commanding) is associated with intelligence. it is beyond the elements . Its basic mandala is a white circle. Its planet is Saturn. Its main mantra is Om
    (There are other minor chakras in the head, such as the soma and bindu chakras)
    The seventh chakras (sahasrara, thousand petaled) is associated with higher consciousness.Its color is gold and its form is like the full moon. Its main mantra is a sound that somewhat sounds like a breathy aha

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