Chakra opening meditation?

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I’ve been doing some chakra cleansing and opening meditations for a while now, however I feel I still have a long ways until they are fully opened. However after my meditations I always have a tightness in my chest and a feeling of compassion and love comes over me, sometimes with a touch of sorrow. Could this be an effect from my heart chakra? and what does that mean for me?
Its true, I do have some hidden emotional scars that are still there, but I’m sure we all do. However I can’t help but feel like my real problem right now is balancing my energy. Some of you feel I should focus on my heart chakra first, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea, it being one of my more difficult aspects of my being. o, and where do I find a teacher for this? if you think its too dangerous on my own. – thanks.

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Sabyasachi B

Please don’t play around with this. Have a good teacher guide you. Otherwise it can be dangerous. I don’t think the tightness should be there. Rather, there ought to be a sense of well-being and alleviation and a stream of exuding energy.


It’s pretty common with the heart chakra being opened up, particularly with people who have any deep-seated emotional problems and/or have a tendency to keep their emotions pinned up. I don’t know you so I can’t say for sure, only you would know that. Either that or there is a blockage there that can’t be removed with regular cleansing that needs a bit more in depth work done with it.

Don H

It means that you are growing up.
Not physically but Spiritually
Love and blessings Don,


Are you also permanently on social security,sage?


A teacher or A Master is a Must


Go on doing the meditation without any desire or tension,It will automatically happen,just experience the experience


sounds like maybe you need a good chakra balancing instead, and start from there……..
take a reiki level l class to find out more about the chakras and the awareness that you will come to know when you become attuned to such energy
a good compassionate teacher would be the best way to go
good luck


thats great, you are getting it…. the sorrow is compassion,,,, the most lacked substance on the planet….sorrow is a heart centered emotion,,,,,, the way it is opened more is through the sorrow…… underneath it is the power of the heart….. most people resist this as pain is seen as bad,,,,, but you have stumbled across a secret most teachers do not tell…..
I wasnt going to add this but someone else mentioned it already…. unless you are very well and strong,,,, this meditation may not be best suited for you…. stick with compassion and love radiation,,,,,, imagine light healing the planet…… etc…..
umm pain is the fastest method to enlightenment and this meditation often brings that……


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