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Chakra & Naruto Chakra?

I know this may sound really idiotic, but im only 13 so go easy. I watch this cartoon called Nartuo, i think its brilliant, but i was doing study’s on it. It is said that the chakra in naruto, “Naruto is completely original, the science and explanations behind it, are directly based upon Chakra in the real world.” I was wandering if that is true.
If that is true, is it possible to do some of the stuff they do? even though its a cartoon, It always involves Ninjutsu now, if they are doing that stuff with Ninjutsu, is it possible if you control your Chakra.
If i was to put hard work and dedication into this would i be able to do anything similar? I know it may sound nerdy, but its so cool. I want to be able to gather my chakra and see if it has any difference to me.


  1. I am not sure what they do in the cartoon sorry
    but chakras dont give you instant power if that’s what you mean
    you can work on your chakras to bring balance to your life
    in matters of health , energy , awareness etc
    many yogis can withstand amazing shows of strength and overcome certain things due to the work they have done in this area
    psychics would work with their brow chakra to heighten psychic awareness etc
    so you see it isn’t all magical or some super human thing ….
    it is just working on what we have and making the most of it

  2. I admier that show as well, and to answer all your questions yes it is all true.you could actualy walk on water,run up walls, move objects and manipulate elements, but it takes a LOT of patence and concentration. Have you ever herd of pyrokinesis and levitation? those are both done using chakra and there are many many other thingsthat chakra can alow you to do.you can even change your genes/DNA! =D now is that cool or what!
    i don’t know if it will show up but here is a chakra system map.
    there are 7 main chakra points and over 300 minor.
    go here
    any ways, its a chakra map. it shows the main and secondary chakra points.
    but in order do do al those things that the shinobi and other ninja do ALL of your chakra has to be balenced. you can use colors do do that.
    go here to learn how
    now i don’t know if the hand signs work or not al you realy have to do is conentrate. meditale daily, practice opening, closing your chakra. then after i duno say 2 weeks or more move on to something a litttle harder untill you can use your chakra then go on to learning to control your chakra and how much you use.you cant rush this there is no quiky way to this.
    if someone gives you instuctions to something don’t do it unless you know you have control over your chakra and the amound your exerting becouse if youe were to screw it up you could hurt your self,cause internal injeries that could be fatal


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