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Chakra Meditation?

Dear friends… I am very embarrassed to reveal that I caught a glimpse of the show titled Avatar. I saw part of the season finally and saw a type of meditation called Chakra meditation. The entire process seemed very VERY… what is the word… relaxing? In any case I would like to know how to meditate just like on the show. It is already apparent to me that it is embarassing to see Avatar and wish to copy it. PLease, I wish to meditate just like that. Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen… Thank you for giving time and effort to my question. Although I wish that unless you know how to chakra meditate or know a website that gives the process please, please, put what you can that is RELATED to this topic. Thank you for your time.
And please tell me all ways to clear the chakras.


  1. Well what you saw on Avatar isent really Chakra meditation. It gives you a glimpse of meditation and opening up your chakra points (places where chi circulates I belive) but it is very condensed in the show. And you dont really give up on all the things that he did and do what he did. He essentially gained enlightenment in the space of a day. You want to begin meditation you need to get in a comfortable position (sitting on the floor cross legged with your back straight and be relaxed) and as you take deep breaths consintrate on a mantra or special word. The most commen mantra used that i know of is Hem sa as you breath in say hem (quitely or in your mind) and as you breath out say sa. Concintarae only on your breathing and the mantra. Whenever another thought pops into your head push it out and continue focusing on the mantra. It is VERY DIFFICULT but when you get it down you will feel very relaxed. It is recomended that you meditate for 20 to 30 min. a day. Tibeten masters will meditate for 4 hours and then they only need to sleep for 4 more.
    Hope i helped!

  2. Do not be embarrassed; Avatar the Last Airbender is my show; but I don’t know the answer to your question, I can’t meditate myself 🙁

  3. A wise woman once told me that if prayer is the way we talk to the Divine, then Meditation is how we listen.
    I do not know what they did on Avatar that spoke to you, but there are endless resources for a vast array of ways to meditate.
    Here is one:
    1) play some meditative music… a single monotonous drum-deat, low volume, is good…
    2) visualize the color spectrum, red thru indigo, one color at a time, associating each color with a scent, and sound and visualize it surrounding each separate part of your body one at a time…
    3) Starting at your feet (Chakra) flex and release your muscles all the way up your body, achieving total relaxation…
    4) Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5, then breathe out for 5 seconds… over and over while focusing on the relaxation of your body… Until you achieve a state of detached relaxation.
    5) “See” light blasting down onto your head chakra, cascading down thru your chakras, the point from head to toe, aligning them in spectral order red to indigo, head to toes…
    6) Ground yourself by keeping your attachment to the floor or the earth, and open palms upward to close the “circuit”

  4. I had to ask my son which meditation it was as I missed it, but he said it was an astral travel meditation with the intent a healing a problem in the physical realm. This can only be done by a powerful healer. But to begin try imagining an earth in front of you baketball size and cultivate love in your heart, you must feel love or great appreciation, this is opening the heart chakra (it may take practice) then bring this energy up to the third eye and direct it to the planet as white light. Learn this well then after this meditation allow a visual to come into your mind, let it do itself, and it will take you to a place or person that needs healing, send light to this person/place, this is a good starting place,,,,,,

  5. Clear your mind and think of nothing, not even the word Chakra, just listen to the sound of your blood moving through your body and breath deep.


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