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Chakra meditation induced seizure?

I got in a fight with my father earlier so I went outside and tried to meditate.
I sat down, put my hands together in the correct form and focused on my crown chakra. At first I was pushing relaxation down my body. Then I felt waves coming from my core, rushing up through me. Slow at first then faster and faster.
My head was slumped and it started to rise, then it went back, pushing my chest forward, arching my spine and I started shaking, convulsing.
Every sensation was heightened a thousand fold, when I opened my eyes I felt blinded by light, the rush of wind of leaves was like thunder.
I’ve recently had a full medical checkup, the only thing wrong with me is that I’m bipolar.
Any thoughts on what happened?


  1. Not really, it sounds like you released a whole bunch of pent up energy, is all.. which is a good thing…
    I personally would have my hormones balanced if i had bi polar, and that could account for that, since you had just triggered your adrenals with the anger….
    some sites for you below to check out that may be helpful to you


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