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chakra. harnessing the power?

do you believe in the ability to harness chakra (like in naruto) to make you stronger?


  1. No, I have been in the arts for over 14yrs and I have never seen a satisfactory display of outward use of chi/ki force.

  2. Yes. I do not think that the power is physically visible unless one’s 3rd eye is already opened enough to see the flow of energy. Anyone who is in tune with their own energy can easily feel the flow of chi in a room. And anyone not in tune can still sence “vibes” whenever there is a fight, sickness, or extreme happiness.
    Sure, I absolutely believe the energy from chakras can be harness and transmuted for different uses. Do I think it can blow up walls or lift objects?? Possibly, but I do not think we have evolved enough for that ability yet.

  3. Spider is right. I have been studying Qi Gong for about 15 years now. I have never seen or heard of projecting your life force in any form other than medical.
    Chakra is a Sanskrit word that has absolutely nothing to do with the martial arts, including Qi Gong. I have found some great health benefits through practicing Qi Gong. I have only heard about this cartoon and never seen it. From what I can tell they mix up a lot of fantasy in there so I would not consider it a reliable source of genuine MA information.


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