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Chakra dream?

I had a dream about my husband’s 3rd and 7th chakra being blocked. In the dream, this was the reason why he couldn’t stop drinking. In real life, we had just had a fight because I found out he’s been drinking again. He is an alcoholic and I’ve been trying to get him to stop drinking either by himself or with help. Like most addicts, he doesn’t see that he has a problem and refuses help. However, I know that if he sets his mind to not drinking he’ll be able to do it. For some reason, this dream stuck with me and makes me think there’s some help in decoding it. Can anyone tell me what the 3rd and 7th chakras being blocked means in general and also in specific regards to my situation?
I know what the chakra’s correlate to, but I’m unsure of how them being block relates to his alcoholism. After having this dream, I know there’s a relationship between the two, but I can’t figure it out.


  1. His 3rd chakra has to do with will and self control, the 7th is spiritual connection. Chakras are never really blocked, what happens is they become depleted or weakened. Normally it is not the symptomatic chakra, but one next to it that is causing the problem. Without examination that is just speculation, though.
    Were I you I would look at the heart chakra, not the solar. Does your husband have difficulty breathing (smoker)or have chest pains? Has he recently lost someone very dear to him either through estrangement or death? Is he examining his own mortality(mid-life crisis)? All these things can deplete the heart chakra, causing the solar plexus chakra (will) to malfunction by drawing energy from it to replenish itself.
    Blockages in the crown are normally indications that there is a problem elsewhere shutting down energy flow to that spiritual connection. Recognizable symptoms are listlessness, fatal thought, depression, an inability to overcome inertia and lack of forethought (going off instinct)
    Email me if you feel I am correct and would like to discuss corrective actions.

  2. the 3rd chakra is about self esteem so maybe for him to stop drinking he needs to have self-esteem
    the 7th chakra is on top of the head so maybe he needs to be head strong also to quite this habit before he himself can beloeve he will
    Hope it Helps =]

  3. Within our bodies there are focal points of energy that we use, whether consciously or unconsciously, to affect reality and allow us to fully experience and realize events that unfold before us. These focal points are called Chakras.
    Chakras are located in important parts of your body such as your head or heart. Any organs within the area of these Chakras are used to control; and are, therefore, directly affected by the properties of that Chakra. There are seven Chakras located throughout the body, each with their own unique attributes and characteristics: Following are the third and seventh as you have discribed.
    The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above the navel and below the chest. This Chakra is a focus point for our force of will and our sense of transformation. Concentration and control of our personal energies originate from this point. One’s sense of power and authority, as well as self-control and discipline of the ego converge here. This Chakra can be used to sense the very use of one’s internal energies to affect what is outside the body.
    Color: Yellow
    Gems: Amber, Gold
    The Crown Chakra is located at the very top of the head. As one might guess, this Chakra is associated directly with dealings of the mind and spirit. This Chakra is deeply tied to the exploration of one’s consciousness and place in space and time. Oneness with the universe, your spirit and will, inspiration, divine wisdom… all the things that deal with the Higher Self are rooted in this Chakra.
    Color: Violet
    Gems: Amethyst, Diamond, Quartz Crystal
    Whether your dream was an indication that these are the areas of your husband that need work or your own subconscious telling you that there is a physical reason for your husband’s condition it is important to realize that this is a situation that can only be resolved by your husband. You may be allowed to help but it is him that must take any steps to recovery.

  4. The 7th chakra is what connects us to that divine source of power that is within us. The Bible refers to it as the 7th seal, which is opened through “silence in heaven”… quiet in the mind.
    The 3rd chakra is associated with self-will or control, which being the “lower power” of the mind, does not contain the degree of power needed to overcome the destructive energy that is driving the addiction. The destructive energy must be transformed, which is done through the “higher power” of the heart! Using the power of the mind to overcome the power of the addiction DOES NOT WORK!
    There is a 12-step process encoded in the biblical text, which I have written about in detail. If you are interested in this process I have provided two links from which you can order the book.

  5. Hi, rockerbarbie19,
    As you said, your dream offers insights into how you can assist your husband in this current life challenge that he is having.
    The other experts above have given you many insights into how the seventh and third chakra ‘blocks’ of your dream correlate to your husband’s drinking.
    Although all his chakra points would be affected by the issues that he is dealing with, you can use these insights to help you creatively support and assist your husband’s healing.
    Your husband will have to want to stop drinking. This is one of the soul life issues that his Soul wrote into this particular lifetime’s ‘work’. Know this from a very deep level within your own Self and honour this sacred journey that your husband is on.
    Any attempt to try to force the issue will only build up his resistance and create more stress around this for both of you.
    The main assistance you can offer your husband now is to see him as whole and fully aligned with his Soul Self in his daily life. Remember that faith is knowing something to be true in spite of what appears to be real.
    Because you already understand the chakra points and the possibilities for chakra healing, use this knowledge to help your husband.
    Imagine him, in your quiet, meditative moments, with a wonderfully full, clear auric energy field. See his seven chakras each full, healthy, open and balanced.
    Don’t picture it as you, the human personality self, sending his human personality self, love, healing and support. Human love usually has some agenda and ‘stuff’ attached that will only confuse and cloud the issues more. So picture/imagine your Soul Self sending his Soul Self healing love, support and energy.
    Also remember that your husband’s Angel Team stands ready to assist. As his wife, they are in close collaboration already with your own Angel Team. Feel free to ‘work’ this partnership too! 😉
    Ask both Angel Teams and all other Angels, including the powerful transforming Violet Flame and Blue Lightning Angels, to help you and your husband.
    Don’t talk too much about any of what you’re doing. Again, the human ego tends to cause more resistance than anything else. Work on the spiritual, energy healing level and ask for assistance for any issues within your own self to also be clarified, healed and dissolved.
    As his wife, any transformation of consciousness work that you create has a ripple effect on all around you, including your husband.
    Sending you both loving support and lots of Angel Healing.

  6. Hello
    When the 3rd (solar plexus) is blocked it makes us feel unsure of who we are, we lack confidence & self esteeme.
    With the 7th(crown) we are blocked from our own selfs, our minds are not in correlation with our needs, we have a hindered connection to the higher self.
    With these 2 blocked he will have no concrete sence of self identity – does that ring any bells?
    As you know You cannot help him in any way, you can only set your boundaries & I wish you well x


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