Chakra Crystal Question Help, Please ?

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I have a big rose quartz crystal and i aint got enough money for more so.. i know this will sound silly but if i break it up into smaller pieces will its chakra properties and enery break up and disperse or will they all be okay in each piece ?

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Try to keep you crystal in one piece. Its energy is contained together as a whole.
You don’t need large crystals to obtain energy properties, Try looking into amethyst, citrine, kyanite and even other stones meant for each chakra point. They don’t always need to be crystals.


that makes me sad! 🙁
i know that a lot of my rocks are broken off parts of bigger ones…but i didn’t do the breaking! ;P
honestly, i’ve had a couple tumbled stones break and i am so heartbroken i bury them in the backyard! haha so i couldn’t break my own for any reason.
there really is no reason to, anyway. the energy will go where it most needs or wants to be…though its nice to guide the energy and do a layout, you shouldn’t break your stones to be able to do this. you could lay the rose quartz on your heart chakra, rose quartz did wonders for mine. beautiful stone!

Gary Y

James, I think it’s time you put your thinking cap on.
Crystals are pretty rocks but they do not have special powers beyond piezoelectrics (quartz watches etc). They do not have any healing properties and there is no such thing as chakras. You cannot break up a crystal’s potential ‘energy’ so to speak.
This is all new age nonsense and there is on one single shred of evidence to support any of it.
Enjoy the rocks for the beautiful natural marvel they are, not what some healing guru quack claims they are.


There is 0 evidence to show that crystals can heal, and there is 0 evidence to show that chakras exist.
If you cannot afford something as cheap as quartz, I suggest you start saving your money and stop spending on ridiculous scams.


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