Chakra crystal healing ?

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I am currently doing a chakra healing/cleansing and have had some side effects of the crystals that I just want to make sure is normal I guess. Instead of using haematite for my base I used garnet and had no side effects. For my sacral I used tiger eye and had mild cramping during and for a little bit after. For my solar plexus I used citrine and had mild stomach ache during and for a little while after. I have never done a chakra healing before so my assumption is that is normal for first time cleansing but Just want to make sure it isnt something different. Thanks.

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Using a crystal to help cleanse / align the chakra should have no negative side-effects. Using the “wrong” crystal with a chakra should have no adverse effect at all. The energy is either used or it isn’t. There is no such thing as the “wrong” energy being drawn into the chakra. It all works for the higher good.
It sounds like you are using the appropriate crystals for your chakras. Best to meditate on the reason for the “messages” received, i.e. cramping and stomach ache. Ask the Universe for clarification. Energise the brow chakra for insight.



Gary Y

Al, correlation does not imply causation.
There is no chance that any crystal can have any physiological effect on you whatsoever, and there is no such thing as chakras.
You could be experiencing placebo and/or nocebo, but more likely its a correlation error. This is why science uses blinded randomized clinical trials, to exclude such human bias.
Crystal healing is nothing more than new age nonsense – it may be a bit of fun, but can be serious if you forgo proper medical treatment in favor of it.


The rocks had no effect, they are just rocks.
Unless you swallowed them, in which case get to a doctor ASAP.


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