Home Discussion Forum Chakra comes from two places, what are these two places?

Chakra comes from two places, what are these two places?


  1. chakra comes from 361 points on the body, known as the tenketsu, though most can only release a small amount from hands or feet. to mold chakra they need both physical and spiritual energy.

  2. Chakra; The resulting form of energy produced when Physical and Spiritual energies are mixed together within the body. Then to use it, Hand Seals are performed. This allows the user to expel it out the body in the form of an attack, and requires different Hand Seals for different attacks.
    Since Chakra is the resulting form of energy when 2 other energies are mixed together, having those other 2 energies become more powerful, will in-turn make the Chakra more powerful. These other two energies are Physical energy, which is collected from the body’s cells, and and Spiritual energy, which is built up through experience and meditation.
    I hope that helps ^_^

  3. From your body and your mind. Unless your asking where it’s released from the body, because then the answer is anywhere on the body with enough training, a.k.a. Neji.


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