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Chakra bracelet…..?

I recently bought a Chakra bracelet and I’m just wondering where each colour is in your body and what it means.
I forgot to buy the chart.


  1. The colors of the rainbow go upward from you base to the top of you head. ROYGBIV. . . Red (base), Orange (naval), Yellow (solar plexus), Green (heart), Blue (throat), Indigo (3rd eye), Violet. (crown)

  2. Everything’s already been mentioned, but if there’s a pink above the green, it means the “higher heart Chakra”, and denotes specifically love for God.
    Thought that might come in handy lol

  3. The red is at the tailbone of your body
    The orange is about one hand below your belly button
    The yellow is at your belly button
    The green is at the middle of your chest
    The blue is at your voice box
    The indigo is at your forehead
    The purple is at the top part of your head.
    A bracelet with all of these colors indicates that it is used to keep the energy flowing properly throughout all the chakras, keeping them healthy and balanced.
    As to what they do
    The red gives us a steady foundation
    The orange gives us creativity
    The yellow gives us self confidence
    The green gives us balance and love
    The blue gives us the ability to clearly express ourselves
    The indigo gives us the the ability to be perceptive
    The purple makes sure that we have a constant open connection to the higher power.
    Hope this helps.


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