Chakra attention explained, do you attend to yours in any special way?

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Someone asked how am I spending time on each chakra. To explain in short, I do this:
I’m only on the third chakra right now. I’ve taken a week for each of the first two chakras, red and orange. I am taking a week or so to focus on each one. I meditate and focus on each one. I apply it to my Yoga sessions. I focus on it when I exercise. Throughout the day, I focus on the chakra and the power it’s giving me. This is the trick that has done an extreme help for me: I buy affordable(fake) flowers and candles of the color of chakra I’m focusing on, and surround myself with the color and it’s energy. I have wind chimes of the colors and they’re hung(Feng Shui style) throughout my home. Right now, I have a large yellow flower hanging from the mirror in my car. I am focusing. Hope that explains things to you.
Do you attend to yours in any special way?
This has helped me with any anxiety I have had in the past. To tell you the truth, I don’t have anxiety anymore. Though I’m at the third chakra, I can tell you that I have finally found peace for the first time. My entire mind, body, and spirit is at peace. I wish you blessings and God’s peace in your journey …
I’ll open up my email, but I don’t have a source hon! I made this up myself. It’s just how I decided to do it.
Symbolism aids the subconscious.

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~Smirk~ Resurrected

I buy mine vibrating things.

☼ Lanosrep Noitamrofni

I have meditated before on the chakras, but usually just work with the emotions and functions which are tied to each in more of a hands on kind of way.
The methods you are using sound very practical as well, and also very relaxing. I have never thought of surrounding myself in the colour of the chakra I want to spend time on. I have never really even focused on it consciously other than the energetic aspect of it.
I think I may try some of your techniques to work on my heart chakra when I am feeling anxiety. Thank you for your well explained insight.


I attend to mine thru meditation and visualization, occasionally with corresponding crystals or stones. My favorite way to cleanse them is my “scrubbing bubbles” meditation!


I don’t attend to mine in any special way, besides giving them the amount of time needed to clear them monthly. But I like the sounds of what you’re doing. You don’t allow email, so if you could email me your source I would appreciate it. Thanks.


I do. External props do not play a role in my practice. I acknowedge they might be helpful to some but I think that is because they don’t fully grasp chakra work beyond the shallow commercial version fed to the public.
For example:
C1 at the base of the pelvis near the anus deals with the issue of breaking free from the error of self-judgment or self-esteem, in favor of self-acceptance. Humorously, people who fight to preserve an exaggerated sense of self-importance are called “anal-retentives”, coming from an oversimplification of Sigmund Freud’s theories. The “anal-retentive” stage in Freud’s model referred to the young child who refuses to release his bowels. The popular use of this phrase has come to mean someone who won’t let go of his ego-driven need to compete and dominate others. As self-esteem dooms the individual to eternal competition with others (and his own past performance) the activation of C1 breaks the individual free of the need for self-judgement.
Now he can accept the flow of life without the need to “measure up” to some standard. C1 is the first freedom from the ego created by the social world as we realize that we are not our actions – what we do, have done or will do.
No need for yellow flowers or chimes. They have their place in man’s need for psychodrama and ritual from a psychological perspective but not in serious chakra work or they distract and hide the true objective you are working towards.


attention and intention. sometimes i am running earth and cosmic energy through them and using my psychic vacuum cleaner to suck out the blockages. mostly its just about feeling the connecting chords and interactions on all the different levels with the people and objects i interact with. but my perceptive lens stays on my 6th for the most part. 🙂


thats really interesting. i have listened to “chakra” music on a site my friend showed me. its supposed to center your chakras, bring peace and tranquility and all to a corresponding chakra and its song. a also friend gave me a stone that is supposed to keep your chakras balanced. who knows how much any of it “works”, but the power of the mind is almost enough to make me believe it works it i will it.


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