Chakra? 3rd Eye? HELP!?

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Anyway……. I was told by an instructor in a martial arts school that I am gifted? HE said I had my third eye awakened to a level he never saw and that my chakra could flow around me. I had to move and shortly after that never really got to learn much. But does anyone else have that ability? To see things and feel things before they are meant to happen….Like…. You can sense people that you no around you and your body is lighter and faster then most?

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Yes, when I studied blind fighting for a couple of years. Soon I not only knew new when some one was putting their attention on me, but I was getting more sensitive, and I was having premonitions a few moments before things happened as well!


you think thats wild, wait to u awaken ur 4th eye


It happens when I’m not thinking about it.


It’s no gift, it’s a natural ability we all have, but most people never take the time to develop. Check these people out and their chi kung course.


You’re being taken for a ride. Use common sense and logic and apply it to the nonsense about magic you’re hearing from this person you trust.


Yea, I can do all of that, I can also part the red sea, pigs can fly out of my ass, and I’m best friends with jesus.


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