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Ceremonial Magickians vs. Wiccans???

CMs are Witches…but not Wiccan. I’m using Wiccan because the word unfortunately has degenerated over time. So anyway….what do you think is the furthest “down the hill into hell” when it comes to magick? After all some CMs will use Biblical names, entities, and characters….so what would be worse to the Bible….using Biblical Magick(as I call it) or Wicca?(worship other gods).


  1. 666=18=9
    9 is the number of holy easter.
    come out of your tomb.cave
    Judgement is left up to the LORD.
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  2. That depends which system YOU believe in. And Wicca is not the only “form of magic”. 🙂
    Kabbalah for example is a perfectly valid, if slightly infamous system of Jewish “magic”. If you apply Christian standarts, then the Ceremonial Magicians are not doing anything wrong, as some of the rituals used come from high-ranking priests. In their case I would say the Thelemites or Chaotes are the “furthest on the road to hell”, as they think themselves to be above the gods, and in case of the latter even able to create god-forms. Satanists, on the other hand, do not worship Satan in the way they’re often portayed by the media, it’s more of a philosophy.
    So for today’s interpretation of the bible, it would probably be Thelemite or Chaotes, who deliberately do things against their nature and common sense to access the innate potential. the former use what you’d call “black arts”, the latter are fond of urban terorrism. (Please note that this is all broad generelization – most chaotes are friendly, if weird people.)

  3. Greetings!
    “worse to the Bible”?
    You do know that Popes and Bishops, Priests and Nuns used “Magick” in the middle ages, and many Christian denominations still do? Yes?
    “CMs” are NOT Witches, even though many Witches use “CM”, it is a paradox of the first degree, hehehe. Your opinion is, of course, as valid as any other, so we will work with it.
    “Wiccan” has only been around since the 40s, it can`t have degenerated TOO much.
    Now, let us consider the collection of words that is today called “The Bible”. Give us an edit of what you think the word “Bible” means, and we shall continue.
    No answer? It`s an altered Phoenician term for “stack of papyrus”, not “book of truth” or some other mis-use of terms.
    Now, the “Biblical names, etc.” is totally misleading, as Christians did not write Jewish, Chaldean, or Babylonian Myth, and have no lock on “entities or characters” in the mis-named, over-edited, “Old Testament”, or the totally artificial “New Testament”.
    Solomon, and other figures from the past, like the Persian Magi, left a Legacy which has been re-interpreted for thousands of years. Worldwide, the practice of “Magick” has hundreds of thousands of adherents, each, with their own special brand, that “CMs” harvest for their own use. Wicca also, is known to be “Eclectic”, drawing from whatever, and wherever they so wish.
    So, your question is not a good question, as “worse to the Bible” indicates. The Bable in the Bible is, in itself, an insult to God, and, Wiccans and Ceremonial Magi do NOT insult the Bible, or other Faiths ( outside of wry comments like;”Lord, protect me from thy followers”, and other harmless jokes), thus, the answer would be; none of the above.
    Do some study, get your thoughts in order.

  4. One, it seems you are putting both down and since you don’t seem to know about Wicca and say it is degenerated over time, I don’t think that the question is relevent except to give both a bad rep. In my opinion neither. Wiccan does not believe in the Christian’s hell nor do they worship the Christiain’s Satan! The other is also far removed so again, the question has no relevance.

  5. As a CM who is Wiccan but no longer feels it necessary to claim the title Witch (a title that none of us actually have rights to, but…) I’m sensitive about that.
    Most of the simple CM stuff-or perhaps I should say the stuff I accessed first-was so abrahamic that things failed for me until I substituted Religio Roma concepts.
    I’d say the furthest down the hill is probably traditional British diabolism.

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