Ceremonial mages (Golden Dawn, Rosicurians, etc) What research has been done on the applications of String ?

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theory and quantum physics to ceremonial magic and vice versa?

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What a mockery of science. I wish those atheist hypocrites would treat everyone equally.
@brilliance: You don’t seem to understand what you are talking about. The observation doesn’t change an object. In order to observe something, you have to bounce photons or higher-energy particles in order to collect data, which causes the change.


I would imagine a great deal of such research has been carried out. Unfortunately it will have been done by people who know nothing about quantum physics or String Theory – clots like Deepak Chopra – because anyone who does will be aware that the subjects are unconnected.

Jesse W

No solid background on this, but I have seen a few studies in which acknowledgment of the accepted model of the universe was used prior to any sort of invocation. This is primarily used to engage and involve the rational collective mind in any sort of work you will be doing afterwards.
The best example I can imagine is to contemplate an increasingly higher dimensional universe / structure up to 10 dimensions.
Imagine the static 3 dimensional universe, then visualize how that universe changing over time can be viewed as a static 4 dimensional object, then visualize how the introduction of choice into that static 4 dimensional object yields a 5th dimensional tree, then, visualize how the exchange of information between any given point on that tree to any other point on it will yield a 6th dimensional web of trees full of eddies and loops, etc.
The objective is to establish a structure in your mind that most closely resembles the actual universe. Roger Penrose is a good place to start with this.


Ah good question, I think in twenty or more years quantum mechanics will creap into our society, and many ideas and so called facts will be be shown to be nonfactual.


Ahem. Science is finally catching up to magic. It’s simply using energies. If an experiment can be altered simply by being observed, how much more so when we focus with intent as in magic?


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