Caylee Anthony goes to Psychic Medium?





I just watched this footage w/ psychic medium that says Caylee Anthony came to her and has several messages for the family. After watching the footage do you believe what the psychic says happened to Caylee is true?


  1. I dont know but i do think the little girl is dead. This is becoming BS they just need to confess and tell where the little girls remains are. Then we can move on and people who are out searching and Media coverage can be given to another child.

  2. I really don’t trust Caycee Anthony the mom of the little girl missing at all for the psychic some of them are for real but you know she already knows where she put her and is just playing the crowed

  3. I do believe Caylee is dead, I do think it was an accident done by her mother, or her mother knows who did this to Caylee. I am a grandmother and I cried when I seen the footage, LiKe I have said before , if I was the grandmother, I would make my daughter tell me what happen, and Like I said before it would only take 10 minutes, because she could not go through what I put her throught, more than 10 miutes it would be as bad as what John McCain went through as a POW. This child is much better off, if this was the kind of life she was going to live. Like me I wish her grandmother had gotten custody of this child maybe this would not have happen. Love you Caylee, you’re in a much better place. wish you had of had a better MOM.

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