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Cats–What are cats looking at when they stare at the space right next to you?

They aren’t looking at YOU, but they are looking at SOMEthing. Do cats see infrared, heat, auras, spirits or angels? If my cat see the angel on my shoulder, do you think she is wondering if it’s good to eat?


  1. It’s a cat thing. They’re tying to freak you out – make you think there’s a big roach on the wall about to crawl down your neck. Sly devils, those cats.

  2. I think that is just one of many special “quirks” that cats have. They may be seeing a bit of dust or something floating in the air. You know how sometimes you can see bits of something “floating” around your field of vision? It is possible they may be seeing these floaters and think they are something they can go after. Or maybe they just feel superior to you and just don’t want to look you in the eye, that seems the most plausible to me.

  3. Not so sure about the angel theory, but you could be right! Otherwise she may be wondering why you’re sitting on *her* sofa ;). I know cats get a little… possessive over sofas and chairs. My uncles cats give us the evils if we dare go anywhere near the sofa.

  4. Generally, animals do have the ability to see and sense thing we usually don’t. But I don’t think that’s the case here.
    Cats LOVE to explore. To study everything. If they see a shadow, some dust, or a fly, they will stare at it, find out what it is, and yes, maybe wonder if it tastes good.
    So yeah, I just think your cat is trying to figure out what’s behind you, or on your side.


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