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CATS THIRD EYELID!!! Help please! ?

My kittys third eyelid has been showing! Its usually worse when he has just been sleeping, and when hes wide awake its not too bad its just more visable than usual! Hes still playful,purring,eating,runing and sleeping fine just worried about his eyes! Any advice for me? I’m trying to get him a vet appointment but its not for a few days…anything i can do before then? Thanks!


  1. If he is fine why worry, just be careful he does not get infected. If his eyelid is not giving him any health issues, and he is fine and happy, why worry, just love him for who he is.

  2. You are right to take him to the vet to be checked out. The third eyelid shows when something is wrong. If he appears to be ok right now
    it is fine just to leave it for a few days. If he gets worse call the vet and tell them and they may be able to get you in earlier. Thanks for being a good pet parent!

  3. If you see no changes in his health, it should be ok to wait the two days. Make sure you get him to the vet though, as he may have an injury or particle stuck in the eye. When cats are very ill the third eyelid will show but this doesn’t seem to be the case with your cat.

  4. More than likely it is the start of an eye infection. Are his eyes weepy? If they start to crust over just clean them with a warm wet towel. If you have other cats this is contagious. A trip to the vet and antibiotics should clear this up.

  5. there’s nothing wrong with him. when cats sleep their 3rd eyelids come out, and if you wake them up it might still show when he first opens his eyes. you dont have to worry about him 😀

  6. A cat showing their third eyelid is a sign of sickness. Since your cat is not showing any signs, he’ll be ok until you get to the vet. However, if he starts seeming like he is not feeling well, call the vet and explain, and they will probably work you in. Best of luck!

  7. My cat had that when he was a kitten and the vet said it was fine nothing to worry about. if hes not bothered by it,dont worry. he a gorgeous ,if not slightly dumb softie now with big green eyes! apparently it protects the eye and isnt an abnormality. my cat is fine.


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