CATHOLICS PLEASE (or other spiritual people) – what do you think about 3 AM?





A few months ago, I woke up very frightened. I was awakened because I felt the sheets on my bed pulled over my face, and at first I thought it was my mom or one of my sisters. So I looked around my room, but there was no one there. But then I began to feel this horrifying fear – I have honestly never been that scared before. I tried thinking more clearly, and I could slightly remember me pulling the sheets over my head, but in a weird way, and I tried pushing the sheets off I couldn’t, untill finally something gave way and I pushed the sheets off of me. After this, about one minute later, I tried to pray. But I couldnt. I forgot the Hail Mary. And I’ve been saying it all my life. Then I tried the Lord’s Prayer, but I forgot it. I finally began “singing” it aloud like we do at church. I still felt very frightened and I ran out of my room into my hallway. I just kinda sat there freaked out, and I decided to go back to bed and pray the rosary. I fell alseep. Does anyone have comments?
Ooops I forgot to mention – it was 3 AM.


  1. You are probably doing the right thing trying to remind yourself of the presence of God. You could also pray before going to bed at night for protection against threat, and for a good sleep.
    On a practical side, you could get a night-light (plugs in and produces a little light) if you are getting freaked out by the dark – some places are very dark at night.

  2. science calls it night terrors and/or sleep paralysis, but it can be triggered by demons, not just illness or bad sleep.
    i’m not catholic and never will be, fyi.

  3. The spirit world is very real and very scary. I’m sorry you’ve been exposed to it, and I’m sorry that others will make fun of you for it.
    Do you believe in Jesus as your only savior, or do you pray to saints, too? Praying to saints or to Mary is idolatry. Get your life right before God, because it sounds like there is a battle going on for your soul.
    Keep praying, and seek out help from those more religious than yourself to figure out what to do.

  4. I say you ate chocolate before you went to bed or something of the sort because that will give you night mares. I really doubt that it was anything more than a bad dream. now if this keeps occurring then I would get some help or something.
    The Bard~

  5. You run out way from some evil force that was trying you out. remember to pray and as you do, picture In your mind the colors with which your mind can best described such prayers, get into seeing the words and picture then how you which God, or the Virgin marry, or Jesus will see then, as you see it?, white if better than dark, search within your own mind, and you will see light, and keep it. That is what God want from you, we are energies and we can produce such light within our mind, Evil doesn’t want you to see it, that is why you wake up scare, don’t be scare of the dark you have your own light, you have plenty energy in your brains to produce such light, God gave it to you, light it up, and keep it in your head, then you will be able to see in the dark.

  6. I don’t know much about this, but I’ll give it a go.
    Sleep has a pattern, and if you are woken up in a certain stage of sleep, sometimes you can be ‘paralysed’, and unable to move – fully awake, but your body can’t move. This doesn’t last long.
    Perhaps you pulled the sheets in your sleep, which woke you up.
    Also, when you are scared your mind can often go blank, you forget things even though you feel it’s ingrained in your mind.
    I don’t know if this would fit with your experience, but I do hope it gives you some reassurance.

  7. I cannot say if it was real or if you were dreaming; however, do you know that if it was demons, all you needed to do was whisper the name of Jesus, for at the very name of our Lord, demons must flee!!! When you go to bed, pray and “cover” yourself with the blood of Christ and ask that angels protect you through the night.

  8. keep praying! even if you can’t remember formal prayers pray whatever comes to mind. Next time it happens say “Satan get away from me. I only follow Jesus Christ. My Lord and Savior.” and then start praying immediately after saying this. I’ve had to do it a few times myself. Email me if you need more help. God Bless.
    Edit: Think about putting a Crucifix in your room or a picture of Jesus or any religious picture too so you have a focal point as you pray.

  9. Why do you place your faith and trust in vain repetitious prayers? Even Jesus commanded His disciples not to do that:
    (Matthew 6:7) And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.
    Just because you can recite a prayer doesn’t mean anything. All that means is you have the ability to memorize a group of words. When you pray, God wants your prayer to come from the heart. When you talk to your mom, your family, or your friends, do you speak to them in repetitions? Do you repeat things over and over to them? If you don’t do that with them, why would you do it with God? Is God not as real to you as your family and friends? God doesn’t want to hear vain repetitions just like your family and friends wouldn’t.

  10. Go into the bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror. Repeat “Biggie Smalls” three times while keeping your gaze fixed and wait to see if anything happens.

  11. If it was real (and you aren’t just telling stories) you really should turn to the Savior YAHOSHUA, and away from the fables of deluded men. (You should anyway, of course)

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