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Baraka : A Way Of Life

Without words, cameras show us the world, with an emphasis not on "where," but on "what's there." It begins with morning, natural landscapes and people at prayer: volcanoes, water falls, veldts, and forests; several hundred monks...


Amongst White Clouds

An unforgettable journey into the unexplored world of China's Buddhist hermit monks. "Amongst White Clouds" is an intimate insider's look at students of zen and wise masters living in scattered retreats dotting China's Zhongnan...


The Psychic Matrix

How Do You Define Consciousness? What are psychic powers? What is the soul? Are we connected at the quantum level? For thousands of years we have asked these existential questions and religions have attempted to explain our...


The Oracle of Tibet

Cloaked in secrecy for over 400 years, the State Oracle of Tibet has been a strange and mystical aspect of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This ancient spirit, which has inhabited a succession of thirteen human mediums, advises...


Past Life Regression and Hypnosis

"Was real estate agent Bill a bootlegger in 1920s Chicago? Could website designer Natasha have been a bean trader in Nepal? Everyone wants to know if we have been here before. Will we be here again? In Past Life Investigation...


Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy

Part I Filmed in the Dalai Lama’s residence in Dharamsala, North India, and in the re-built Sera Monastery, the second largest monastery of the old Tibet. With extraordinary authenticity Part II of the Trilogy journeys deep...


Inside Tibet

Filmed around 1943, On the journey of a U.S. military and diplomatic mission from Gangtok, India, to Lhasa, Tibet during World War II. The party journeys through Natu La and Kechu La passes, stops at the British trail station...


The Occult Experience

The occult experience is an eighties era documentary of the occult, with opinions by wiccans, pagans, Satanists, christians, and others. This film interviews many Occultists from various traditions including the founders of the...


Psychiatry An industry of Death

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is a controversial documentary on the horrors of psychiatry, of punishing and persecuting of the innocent and promoting Fascism, racism and atheism. There have been allegations that this is a...



This is a brilliant 25 minutes video introduction to the fascinating world of tarot explains in simple terms how to understand the seventy-eight cards and how to use them for obtaining guidance and insight.



The supposed ability of some individuals to mentally transmit and receive thoughts is examined in this hour. Unsubstantiated claims are not proof, so several experiments are conducted to put the phenomenon to the test. This...


Secrets of Body Language

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Humans send and interpret such signals almost entirely subconsciously.Delve into the science of...


The Zen Mind

Zen is a recent phenomenon in the west but is spreading so rapidly that it’s influence is touching all of us and now rivals the east in the numbers of enthusiasts. Zen centers have sprung up all over America and Europe. There...


Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale

Derren Brown was out to expose the tricks behind so-called faith healers, who claim to cure churchgoers of all manner of illnesses whilst casually asking for their credit card details and then laughing all the way to the bank...


The Primacy of Consciousness

Peter Russell explores the problems science has explaining consciousness and proposes that consciousness is not created by the brain, but is inherent in all beings. He shows why mind is more fundamental than matter, and the the...