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OSHO Miasto

Osho Miasto the biggest Osho center in Italy, is located in a very quiet position, in the strong, wild and beautiful nature of Montagnola Senese, in Tuscany, close to Siena.

Osho Osho Centres

Osho Manjusha Meditation Center

Today, the Manjusha belongs to the most important places of meditation in Eastern Germany. Situated half an hour's drive from Dresden. The Center comprises an area of 30,000 sqm, surrounded by old trees, meadows and a pond. The...

Meditation Osho

Osho Sufi Whirling Meditation

Whirling meditation is an technique that will liberate you from the mundane world, it is an active form of meditation that centers the mind and body within minutes.Whirling meditation has many benefits. It enables you to...

Meditation Osho

Zazen Meditation

The purpose of Zazen Meditation is to free your mind of the materialistic hold our lives have on us and once you are able to allow your thoughts to enter and quietly leave without investigation you will no longer be limited. This...


Osho Meditation

Osho left this world in 1990. When you consider his ideas and beliefs about meditation, you realized that he turned traditional concepts upside down and inside out. Yet, his mode of meditation is still on the rise in usage...

Osho Osho Centres

School Of Awakening

School of Awakening deals with timeless sacred wisdom and traditions. This Esoteric School of Awakening offers courses and trainings in Tantra, holistic healing, meditation, Tachyon, raw food and detox, Angelic reiki and various...

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The Practices of Tantra

In an effort to experience more joy, freedom, love and growth, we often look outside of ourselves, rather than focusing inward. We seek more possessions, a beautiful home, jewelry, shoes, and clothes, often in excess. We resort...