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Aura Healing
For the first time in history, science is in the position to accurately describe the next step in human evolution and the biological mechanism behind the evolution of the brain. The world will be radically different in the New Age of Super-Consciousness, when nuclear weapons will no longer exist. Super-Conscious men and women will point the way to a healthier environment with living conditions and lifestyles in harmony with the demands of accelerated evolution. This is the realistic vision witnessed through the eyes of Pandit Gopi Krishna in a state of Cosmic Consciousness
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In shamanism, time is not linear but exists as one vast moment. Shamanic practitioners venture outside of conventional time to access this expansive moment and seek information from visionary sources
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With Samadhi your old self is gone who was always in the pursuit of happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment of desires and new self is born who doesn?t longs for anything, who doesn?t desires to achieve anything. In that moment when past and future ceases from existence, you become the present.
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People who are fond of animals are more likely to believe that animals have energies that can be obtained. Some animal lovers believe animal energies.
Exploring the Spiritual Intersection: Is Meditating on Chakras Against My Christian Faith?
Curious about the compatibility of chakra meditation with your Christian faith, Yankee style? Delve into the complex interplay between organized religion and personal spiritual practices. Discover the distinction between prayer and meditation, drawing wisdom from influential spiritual leaders like Osho. Uncover intriguing biblical perspectives and testimonies of profound encounters. By striking a balance between faith and personal discernment, explore the potential for harmony between Christianity and the transformative power of chakra meditation
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In This Video, Margot shares her insights from her work in Tantra with Nirman.
Decoding the Warm Sensation in the Bottom of the Feet: Blending Science, Spirituality, and Ancient Wisdom
Have you ever experienced a sudden warm sensation in the bottom of your feet? While it may initially raise concerns, understanding the possible causes and exploring various perspectives can shed light on this intriguing phenomenon
Unveiling the Mysteries: The Spiritual Implications of Hearing Unheard Bells
To truly comprehend the spiritual implications of hearing bells, we turn to ancient occult sources that have explored the unseen dimensions of our existence. From ancient civilizations to esoteric teachings, references to the spiritual significance of bells can be found.
The moon and our Subconscious
Meditating on a full moon night can help us in several ways, Ancient yogi's and Tibetan monks have been known to meditate on full moon night and able to explore the powers of subconscious mind.
Awakening the Spirit Within: Exploring the Release of DMT in the Pineal Gland
Discover the natural methods to stimulate DMT release in the pineal gland through a blend of science, rituals, meditation, Ayurveda, and cosmic intrigue. Explore the profound secrets of the pineal gland and unlock transcendent experiences.
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Imagine that as you leave your body at death, you hear the voice of a loved one whispering in your ear explanations of everything you see in the world beyond. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is one of many mortuary texts of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is commonly recited to or by a person facing imminent death. Over as many as 12 days, the deceased person is given explanations of what he or she sees and experiences and is guided through innumerable visions of the realms beyond to reach eventual liberation, or, failing that, a safe rebirth. Like a backpacker's guide to a foreign land. Includes interviews an ancient Buddhist monk and an investigation of a young boy who might be the reincarnation of a great spiritual figure. For those who are interested in what happens after death, this film is very informative
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Curious about the meaning behind a "good aura"? Explore the interplay of science and spirituality in understanding this intriguing concept. Discover how positive energy emanates from individuals and how it can influence perceptions. Learn the significance of sincerity and discernment when receiving compliments about your aura. Enhance and protect your aura through the practice of meditation. Unveil the mysteries and let your aura shine brightly.
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Gopi Krishna was one of the first people to popularize the concept of Kundalini among Western readers.
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Imprinting in shaman and Native American culture carries a profound spiritual significance, connecting individuals at a deep soul level. This captivating concept intertwines scientific principles of neuroplasticity and empathy with ancient wisdom, revealing the transformative power of shared experiences. Join us on a mystical journey as we explore the essence of imprinting, its universal interconnectedness, and the catalyst it provides for personal growth. Discover the fascinating blend of spirituality and science that unveils the hidden dimensions of human connection in shamanism and Native American traditions.
According to some, 11:11 is a sign that your angels or spirit guides are trying to establish a connection with you from the spirit world.
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Cleansing and ancient rituals play a profound role in deepening our connection with tarot cards. Through practices like burning, salt baths, moonlight charging, sound cleansing, crystal clearing, ancestral blessings, and tarot ritual baths, we can purify and recharge the energetic essence of tarot deck.
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"Inner Paths Magazine" was one of the few early American publication to interview anyone who had actually achieved Illumination, Super-Consciousness or Enlightenment, so it is quite probable that the number of people who have ever heard the voice of someone who had first-hand or direct knowledge of that phenomenon is something less than a few hundred at most. Pandit Gopi Krishna of Kashmir, India, the author of more than one dozen books on mystical experience and the evolution of the human brain was internationally recognized as the foremost authority on Kundalini, the evolutionary mechanism in human beings.
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This is a beautiful compilation on Similarities of Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism.. Must read
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Attention is a powerful tool in our spiritual journey. To reach higher levels of consciousness, we should master being attentive to everything; to ourselves, our surroundings, and spiritual perceptions.Too often, we are more aware than attentive. We notice things around and within us with awareness but we do not...
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You might be uncomfortable to reveal how you truly feel to others but being vulnerable is the best way that you can show someone that you are open to establishing a deeper connection with him. Some people might have a different view about your vulnerability, but others will appreciate the fact that you are honest with your feelings.