Can smoking cigarettes harm my spirituality?

Am I huring myself physically and spiritually? Can it cause kundalini blockages?

where can i learn kundalini yoga in delhi?

i am a 17 year old boy deeply interested in kundalini yoga.. where can i learn it somehow or someplace. can i learn it...

is there any way other than yoga poses to increase kundalini energy efficiently?

and if you can find audio guided meditation for kundalini energy that would be helpfuk (Powered by Yahoo Answers)

Kundalini energy and fear?

I know that kundalini energy tries to release the dense negative energy like fears first. I would like to know though, will the...


What is the spiritual significance of the serpent?

The serpent appears in numerous cultures, in...

what do these words mean?

1. accouchement 2. ouvert 3. appenzel 4. ursprache 5. kundalini 6. weltschmerz sorry.......

Why is Solomons key part of the Hindu Religion? It's based on 9 triangles 🙂