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Montana Vipassana Association

Since the 70’s Montanans have been attending Vipassana courses in India and around the world. The first two 10-day courses in Montana were held in the early 90’s. Group meditations and 1-day courses for old students...

Vipassana Center

Michigan Vipassana Centre, USA

In 2002, the first 10-day course in Michigan was organised by a small group of old students from Michigan. They were inspired by the Dr. Bhogilal and Dr. (Mrs.) Kamala Gandhi, who encouraged and supported this endeavor. Before...


Kundalini Epilepsy

Kundalini epilepsy is presented as an unusual neurological complex or syndrome appearing among some mediations and spiritual techniques.Sometimes these kriyas in their extreme form may manifest in severe convulsion and seizures...


The Dragon Keeper

A symbolic fictional story about the kundalini Rising inside all of us, by the Scribe. Sometimes the energetic part of you resides in the ruptured mounds of your heart cave, sleeping and lying dormant. This is because you can...


Tantric Meditation For Couples

It is with much excitement that I share this Couples' Meditation with you! You and your partner can use this whenever you like. It's a good one to help you plug into one another after a long day apart. It's also a good way to...


Tantra For Beginners

Tantra is more than just a way to more intense orgasm, however. It's an Eastern practice that involves the whole mind, body and soul. You may want to extend the practise out of the bedroom, as Tantra includes techniques that can...