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Aura Healing
Healing plays a vital role to project your aura so you can use it as one of your human protection. Healing your aura needs patience it may take couple of weeks to three months in order to notice the changes in your aura. Being in Nature is the fastest source of aura healing and if you can, hug a tree, is the best source of aura healing. Alternative trying to spend some time sitting under a tree.
Osho : Near Death Experience – From Physical to Spiritual body
Osho, a contemporary mystic speaks on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. In these talks, osho penetrates on subject of near death experience
planet, lonely, spark
An aura is a luminous light derive from an energy field that surrounds and radiates upon a human being.It is believed people who have pure heart having unconditional love for everyone carry a pure white color aura around them. Aura Colors reflects the positive or negative energy or emotions that a person emits towards the others.
Women Holding Hands at a Table with Burning Candles
In understanding what a medium is, we must first break the misconception that a medium is the same as a psychic. People often confuse the terms thinking that they have the same meaning but they donâ??t. Unlike a psychic, a medium is born and not made
Paranormal Investigator
Uncover the thriving world of paranormal careers, where lucrative opportunities in ghost tours, paranormal investigations, and occult research await. Discover how to transform your passion for the unexplained into a rewarding profession, as you delve into haunted sites, analyze supernatural phenomena, and explore the mysteries of the unknown. Explore the diverse job landscape and embark on a captivating journey into the realm of the paranormal. From paranormal tour guides to UFO investigators, explore the top searched keywords and unlock the secrets of a career that combines fascination and fulfillment.