Card Glitch giving me gas for $.25 a gallon, should I tell or keep using the card?





One of the gas stations has a card that you get reward points for when you purchase things at the store. For example, if you get 2 bottles of Gatorade, you get $.06 off per gallon of gas. Well, my reward card has gotten some sort of glitch where it’s not clearing off the rewards and now, my card is taking $1.86 off per gallon, meaning that my gas will only cost me $.25 a gallon. Should I tell the gas station, or keep using the card? I’ve only used it once and my 12 gallons of gas only cost me $3.00. I’m nervous about bad karma and/or getting in trouble some how. What should I do?
Also, this is not a credit card rewards card, it’s one by the gas station. All the card does is keep track of how many rewards you’ve gotten and deducts it from the gas price. There is nothing at all on the card that has my info on it.


  1. Ha, I’d keep using it. Just say you never noticed cause you don’t pay attention to how much it is costing, haha.

  2. I would call and ask about that but that’s my opinion, then again the CC company will probably figure it out anyways

  3. I would tell them, so that they are aware of the glitch. It’s never a good idea to take advantage of someone/something not working as it should.

  4. well it is illegal if you know about it if you got the money your should probably tell some one so that they don’t sue you for the money or suddenly take it off the card when you don;t have the money.

  5. The fact that you even asked this question shows that you have an honest side and know this needs to be addressed. Do the right thing and tell the gas station about the glitch. You will feel free and happy afterward.

  6. dont trip. i got my tank filled while gas was 4.50 thats about 70 bucks. for only four dollars. great day:). the people who are making the profit would not give two ***** about the 12 gallons of gas lost. they have way more expenses than that

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